5 reasons why in-house marketing can help your brand

5 reasons why in-house marketing can help your brand

Do you need some help so save time, money and resources? In this article we will help your brand with that. 

First things first; to understand how In-House Marketing can help, first, we must understand what exactly is that. 

What is In-House Marketing?

The definition is pretty simple, the concept of In-House Marketing is when the marketing operation is made by employees of the own company, without outsider organization and people getting involved in the job of the marketing, only people from the company can held this position.

Lately, this kind of activity has helped brands to cut some costs, which is pretty important in these hard times everybody is going trough. To understand more how it happens, keep reading the next topic of the text. 

5 advices to save money, time and resources with in-house marketing:

1. Your brand will cut some costs

As the brands are using more the digital marketing, they are spending their money in better ways, in other words, optimizing the use of the money. When we reduce costs, such as increase in both ROI and ad performance. 

Back then, many occupations were made by some agencies, with in-house marketing, it won’t be needed and this is thanks to some creative platforms that allows other people to do that kind of job.

2. Create changes in real time

A good relation with the customer must be the priority, and it is important that the marketing team make the asked changes in a real fast time, which is way more possible when the marketing is done in-house becase it is all about the team’s decisions, without having to wait for some external answer- from some agency, for example-.

In other words, the marketing team is closer to the clients in that way instead if someone from the outside was doing this particular part of the job. 

3. It is important to qualify the marketing team

If we needed a proof that the market is always changing, 2020 has proved it for us. Because of that, there is no company in the world that doesn’t want to have a prepared team for the surprise the future may hold. 

For the reasons, in house marketing is not just a strategy for these times, but, actually a solution that many brands were looking for. 

4. One single platform will make the job easier to be done

It is probably one of the biggest changeless of the in house-marketing, the job needs to be done in the same way, therefore, a single platform is the answer to help with that. The brands need to provide tools able to make the remote work the same as if it was not remote.    

5. The capacity of a fast reaction to market changes

The world is constantly in change, specially the market places and to have a good and fast reaction about it, your brand must control their own data, and it is more possible when everything is done in house, you don’t need to wait for the agency to analyze some situation, your team is totally responsible for that.  

After these 5 topics we can really understand why in-house marketing  is a great deal for some companies, and, we can’t forget that many of that we own to the technology. The secret is to find the right tools to your company, and don’t forget to test them, and test another one, keep testing until you find the right way.

It is also important to remember that this is new situation for everybody, so, don’t be scared of the challenges it may bring. Times have changed, we must get adapted to that!  

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