Digital Marketing strategies

Digital Marketing strategies

First off all, we need to figure out what digital marketing really is, what its strategy means and how can it helps us to reach our goals.

Digital Marketing basically is the component of marketing that uses internet and online tools and technologies to promote products and services.

It started being developed in the 90’s and got bigger by the time, being more fundamental year by year. Nowadays, looking in the past, we can easily say that this way of business changed the way that everybody looks and do the marketing.

And how it happened?

As digital platforms became bigger and bigger through the years, obviously their importance increased too, and nowadays it’s common see people buying everything they need in the internet.

So, if people don’t leave home to shop what they need, how can the publishers reach their goals and make they publicity rentable? The answer is easy, and it is DIGITAL MARKETING.

But how can we use it in the best way?

It’s clear for everyone that nowadays, most of the publishers, almost all of them, realized that this is the future, and they need to increase and use this way of marketing if they want success.

Obviously, with this big amount of concurrence, you need to be the best as possible, and you will need something different from the others either.

Thinking in that, we choose some digital marketing strategies to help you to get the best results and be a reference in this aspect.

Digital marketing strategies and what it means

If we are going to talk about digital marketing strategies, we can choose many of them, and it will define our publishing line and what goals we have. There are many options of this kind of marketing, and as the most famous we can say the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or the Short Message Service (SMS).

Of course, each one of these services have a different use and reach different results, and that’s why it’s so important to choose the right one for you. But further than these three examples, we have other strategies for our digital marketing, and this are our favorite ones:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing 100% focused, as the name says, on your content. It does not matter how, but this strategy create, distributes and publishes your content for a certain target audience. Butwhy ir word work for you? That’s easy:

Having a good content that somehow helps your prospect/target with a good aggregation of informations, being cool and interactive you make these prospects interested in your other contents and they probably will turn into a client. With all these good points and advantages of the content marketing use, is not a surprise to see that in the last year, according to a search, 75% of the B2B and B2C companies started to work with this kind of digital marketing. It’s very recommendable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engine optimization, or commonly called SEO, it’s basically the amount of techniques to optimize for blogs, web sites and pages the way that they will be found and how they will be ranked to be showed for us. This will generate a bigger number of clicks and visit’s in your blog/website/page and consequently bring the positive points that this big flux gave you.

With a good SEO you page will be one of the first in search websites as Google and others. It works basically filtering your page key words, images and even the URL of your web site. Clearly this is one of the bests techniques you can choose, and it is pretty much recommendable. 

Email Marketing

A good e-mail marketing is focused on maintain existing customers and giving them a good content, making them feel like if they were part of us and creating a relationship. Of course, it is not the only mission of this kind of digital marketing, since it is also focused on prospecting ang geting new clients either.

It’s an excellent technique for building a consolidated brand awareness, keeping your company as fresh as possible in your client mind, and encouraging repeat purchases to do it for the first time. It’s a good way to deal with this, doing e-mail marketing you client will feel that you are there always they need, easily and helpful. Naturally it creates a good relationship with you and your client and that is essential and valuable for your business success. 

Social Media

Of course, we could not let the social media marketing out of our list. Nowadays is essential that you must have a good social media marketing and be influent and make a good content to reach your success. A good social media marketing campaign can be insert on several social media platforms, depending on your target audience and their platform preferences. As some examples of social platform, we can mention Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

With this all on mind, we conclude that nowadays digital marketing it’s simply essential and if you want to get good results and a nice profit, you will need to work with this strategies and techniques. There are many options of them, and you can choose the ones you like more or the ones that follow your ideas and planes. 

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