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Have you ever heard about Ad Video Automation?  We bet you probably still have many doubts about it, right? Don’t you worry, you will learn everything about in today’s article. 

You will find in this article: 

  • How does Video Automation work
  • Reasons to use it 
  • What is like our Ad Video Automation 


Video Automation, what is it? 


Have you ever thought about getting yourself informed about the news on the websites you most love without having to stop doing something you are doing at that very moment? This is basic the idea of Video Automation

But, how can that be possible? It works like this: A narration with the content of the text starts as soon as you press the play button, and it includes caption and related images.  

It is possible to find Video Automation in all kind of websites, just have to be a content to be narrated. You can find it on newspapers’ website, and in many other blogs. 

Video Automation is not trying to end up text materials on websites, the idea is not to replace it, but to offer a new tool to people who are visiting the website. In the end of the day, the text content will always be important.

Here are some websites where you can find it:

Why invest on Video Automation?

Nowadays people don’t have too much time, right? Life is so busy and everything is immediate, things have to be done right in the moment, that we end up having no time for absolutely nothing. But optimizing time is not the only benefit about Video Automation.

Here is a list of some other benefits: 


  • Accessibility to persons with disabilities:


This is a very important point about this resource, it allows people with some kind of visual impairment to have access to all kind of content in a very easy and simple way. 

As we have already mentioned, the Video Automation can be found in any kind of articles, and because of that, and the visual impaired people will have more contents and websites to check, learning more about several subjects.


  • Ranking:  

If the website has an interesting content, people will spend more time on that, listening to the article, and your click rate will get bigger and bigger and your hate percent will get smaller. 

Then, the Search Engine understands that the user had a good connection with the image/audio, creating a good ranking for a page, having a better placement on Google


  • Bigger engagement:


If you offer different researches on your website, like Video Automation, the user can explore more your website, in a interactive way, creating credibility to your brand. 

Once again, making the click rate bigger. 


  • A good user experience: 


We all have busy lives, and because of that, we don’t have too much time to read something we are really interested about. When you are listening to the article, you don’t have to stop doing nothing, it is not necessary to find time for that. 


Our Ad Video Automation:


After we mentioned all these benefits, you are probably interested in investing on Smart Ad Video Automation, right? Here what is like our product: 


We have a simple implementation, without previous player installation, and the advertising is inserted right at the beginning of the video. Besides that, we have a viewability above 80% wich makes the CPM very satisfactory


We have it available in all platforms, are mobile, desktop, AMP. 


Our  Smart Ad Video Automation is located between the first and fourth paragraph of the article, with the floating thumbnail at the bottom of the page and the tag script implemented at the end of the body on HTML mobile or desk and another script on the site AMP


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