Five best advertising trends for 2021


The year is almost over! What a better way to start the new one it than programming yourself for 2021? In today’s article you will have the chance to check the five best advertising trends for the next year.

You will find in this article: 

  • Five best ads trends for 2021


This past year was peculiar, we all had to learn different ways to struggle with the pandemic in all sectors of our lives, personal, job and many others. 

Online advertising marketing wouldn’t be different. We also had to get adapted to the “new normal” in the advertising world. But what does the future hold for the next year? Check out the best trends for 2021 right now. 


1- Customer segmentation: 

Are you aware of this strategy? Come to find out the first trendy of 2021. 

The key here is to have a large number of small campaigns but for  specific audiences. Then you will have the possibility to target the users by their locations, behaviors, source and many other data. 

With that, it is easier to understand your audience’s preferences and what products, services or content they are looking for when accessing your website. 


2- Local SEO: 

Once you are verified by Google, you have the chance to see if your business is shown in the search results when people are looking for a specific kind of website or service

Local SEO is more powerful than broad seo. This will help you to have a better position in Google SERPS. 


3- Mobile Advertising: 

How many ‘Story’ ad formats have you seen this year? Especially after the pandemic period started. Uncountables! This trend holds for 2021.

Mobile ads are for sure one of the bets for the following year, because people are spending more time connected to these devices. Therefore, we can expect many online ads in any kind of social media. 


4- Video ads: 

Video advertising is not exactly something new that no one has ever heard about but this kind of ads are getting better and with a better quality every day that passes. 

It’s like we have a “new” kind of advertising emerging in 2021 because videos have never been so watched like in the past times because of new platforms like Instagram Reels and Tiktok. Let’s see what 2021 holds for us. 


5- Display advertising:

With this format of ad is possible to create a “remarketing” based on past information you have. As a way of attracting an audience to a website, the ad is made with an image or video encouraging the user to click and access the landing page


Ready for 2021? We wish you the best of luck, a very good new year with a lot of achievements in your business life! 


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