How publishers can boost their revenue? 

How publishers can boost their revenue?

If you ended up on this page, you are probably a publisher who is trying to keep up with the innovations of the programmatic media market. Good news: today is the moment when you will learn some ways to increase your revenue streams. 

Most publishers’ revenue has a list of origins, including subscriptions, newsletter, display ads and many others, also, most publishers are also looking for alternative ways to boost  their numbers.

In the publishing industry it is needed to always be updated about the newest sources to make even more money, because of that, we are sharing five suggestions of how publishers can boost their revenue:

1. Monetize your data

Collecting data of the people who are accessing your website is really important for many reasons, like is pretty well explained here. But, when we want to increase revenue, monetizing is important because it is the perfect opportunity to sell your data to the market, making you earn new streams.

2. Targeting your audience must be a priority

The market is definitely a competitive space, and that’s the reason why there is the need to focus to target advertisers that are matching with your brand. If you have a website about style and fashion, you have to target ads who are selling clothes and accessories, for example. 

To be successful, the key is to perform audience segmentation, one that will offer the readers a good and well thought experience once they are on your website, it will seems like the website was made for them.

Choose the right tools, those that show how your audience is divided, peoples comum interests, preferences and behaviors.  

3. Monetize videos

For a while now, video have been a good way to increase revenue, there are some some ways you can insert ads into your content making it natural and boosting more and more the revenue. Here you can learn more about of our Video Automation process.

4. Discover new viewers

Like it was previously mentioned, knowing your audience is truly important. Therefore, once you are aware about your public, it is finally time to start looking for new ones. How? If you made a good study about the users, you have halfway done.

Some tools offer the optiont to see what is engaging your public, then, it is possible to track the readers and the data resulting will be shown to advertisers. Once you figure out which kind of new audience is valuable, it is easier to convert them on targeted ads.   

5. Create good content

By “good” we mean personalized content, because once you’ve discovered the audience’s preferences, the job gets easier, you just have to adapt to your website content and it can be done in several ways. 

If you already know which kind of content your public wants to know more about, you can start by this one, for example: if you discovered the users like to read about cooking and innovations of cooking in quarantine, write about it. If you are aware that people prefer videos,  be creative and make some videos about the theme. 

Another option is to grow and monetize your newsletter, there are many platforms that allow you to do it, and you will see the audience grows. 

There are many other alternative ways to increase your revenue, but these five suggestions are not very hard and can really help your website. Pay attention because many times publishers can be missing out on revenue and there are practical solutions for that.  

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