Publishers who do not yet have an Ad Manager account, should follow the following steps after sending the invitation:

1. Publisher will find an email with the invitation in your inbox;
2. Click on “View Request” and review your request
3. Sign in with your Google account;
4. Make your communication setup, billing country or territory.
5. Read and accept the Ad Manager terms and conditions.
6. Read and accept the Partner Publisher terms and conditions.
7. Click on “Setup account” or “Create an account”.

After creating your account, you will need to provide other information to activate it.

Other information: 1. Choose whether you prefer an Ad Manager “Individual” or “Business” account;
2. Complete the information:
2.a. For individual accounts, enter your full name, exactly as it appears on your bank account;
2.b. Your full postal address;
2.c. Your phone number with + (Country code) (Area code) (Phone number)
3. Click Save and Continue;
4. Select your "Time Zone" and currency for payment;
5. Click Save and Continue;
6. Confirm your phone number by entering the verification code sent;
7. Click Submit.

Google will review your information and the Publisher will receive your account status via email. If your account is declined, you will receive an email with the explanation and what can be done to revert.