Sticky Ads; everything you should know about it 

Sticky Ads

The name “Sticky Ads” sounds familiar to you? It probably does, but people still have many doubts about how to use this tool, and why using it is so important. Don’t you worry, we will explain it all. 

Sticky Ads

As the name already explains by itself, sticky ads are the ads anchored to the screen, and it is possible to find/see them both on mobile devices and desktops. Putting it in another way, sticky ads are ads that are always visible for the website visitors even while scrolling the page.  

This kind of ad is always to designed to be anchored or fixed in some area of the screen, the sticky ad will always be visible but you can close it anytime by just clicking on the cross button if you want to.

For mobile devices, the sticky are usually located in the top of the screen, for desktop the ads are usually found in some sidebars, with the 728×90 size and in the mobile the size is 320×50.

The types of stick ads

Most of the time, the stick ads are divided like this:  

FE Sticky Ads Mobile: Landscape-sized ads, that stays at the top of the page. 

FE Sticky Ads Desktop: The bottom horizontal ads are placed at the bottom of the page, different than the horizontal that is place at the top of it.   

The pros about Sticky Ads

Sticky ads are a good deal for publishers to earn more money, because the users will literally see the ads all the time on the websites, and if people are seeing it all the time, the tendency is to click on it more times.

Besides that, the sticky ads can yield higher your CPM rates and advance domain’s overall viewability points and the fill rate is 100%  

If you are considering to invest on it, remember the benefits, but also keep in your mind that the user needs to have a good experience on your website, so think about it before putting to many sticky ads on the same page.

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