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Your journey starts here! We monetize websites and APPs from different countries without harming the user experience. Our mission is to connect premium publishers and advertisers, breaking down barriers to reduce the number of middlemen and deliver a higher eCPM

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We are an Ad Network present for over 10 years in the programmatic media market.

Our differential is due to the development of exclusive products, specialized advice, advertisement optimization, among other services and solutions capable of meeting the real needs of our partners.

Through a highly specialized team and partnership with major national and international players, Grumft serves the two fundamental pillars:

  • Publisher: Increased traffic and profitability through our products and services.
  • Advertiser: Data intelligence and special projects.
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Visual impact that generates results. Discover our innovative ad formats optimized for mobile, apps and desktop.

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IAB Formats

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Interstitial ADS

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Native ADS

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Stick ADS

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Rewarded ADS

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Open App ADS

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Discover our exclusive products and excellent services beyond monetization.

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Engage your audience with our retargeting and content provider. Configure flexible popup triggers and schedules.


Simplify your operations with our smart tags and features like responsive ads, refresh, key-value.

Grumft AMP

Improve your site's performance with exclusive support and optimization strategies with our AMP plugin.


Manage tags, track results via custom reports: clicks, eCPM, CTR, ad impressions.


Elevate your WordPress with optimized theme. Modern design, advanced features and easy customization to stand out.

Services of

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Website Optimization

Website Optimization

We've improved the existing publisher application with technical tweaks and optimization of loading and positioning.

Google Ad Manager Management

Google Ad Manager Management

We manage your Google Ad Manager, configure the prebid and optimize your impressions and clicks.

Specialized Support

Specialized Support

We offer exclusive support with daily follow-up from an account manager and optimization strategies.

Website monetization

Website monetization

We achieve high performance in monetizing your website with customized strategies and expert support to maximize your earnings.

App monetization

App monetization

We explore new possibilities to increase your app's profitability with our innovative and efficient approach.

Programmatic media

Programmatic media

We connect you directly to premium advertisers through exclusive real-time bidding (RTB) and campaign planning and operation partners.

Grumft for

Discover the power of a Grumft partnership. Launch and build your brand, reach new audiences, increase visibility, generate leads, increase conversions, retargeting strategies and optimize your cost by gaining access to premium inventory.

Direct Programmatic

Discover the excellence of Programmatic Guaranteed or Preferred Deal and achieve high viewability rates. Make your brand stand out with precise targeting and our extensive advertising network of 200+ vertical sites.

Exclusive Partnership

We build your brand exclusively with access to premium inventory and direct or agency partnerships. Fast and personalized service.

Campaign Optimization

With data intelligence, we reach your target audience with precise audience segmentation, behavior analysis and target qualification. Win satisfied customers.

Special projects

Surprise yourself with high-impact formats, sponsorship, branded content, editorial, online release and engagement media. Create memorable experiences with us.


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We are proud to achieve impressive results every month. With millions of unique cookies targeted, we generate thousands of display impressions and exceptional viewability rate. In addition, our monthly video impressions demonstrate our commitment to our partners' success.


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Bruno Bocchi

CEO / Founder

Denise Balestros


Wilian Ogata

Head of Infrastructure - IT

Bruno Bonanho


André Ruperez

Head of Sales

Edi Rosana

Partner Manager

Amanda Marone

Head of HR

Bianca Santi

Head of Marketing


With a talented and interdisciplinary team, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Our team includes skilled developers, IT specialists, versatile data analysts, focused marketers, journalists, passionate designers, a dedicated commercial and operational team, and a caring administrative staff.

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We are here to support you and answer your questions!

Discover our formats, products and services for publishers and advertisers. Join our team to maximize the performance of your online advertising campaigns or website and app monetization.

Headquarters: 4700 NW Boca Raton Blvs, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Branch: 194 Butanta St - Pinheiros - SP

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