How to Appear on Google News

Unlocking Global Visibility: Mastering Google News for Maximum News Reach

Appear on Google News

If you own a news website and are looking for ways to increase your traffic, one of the most effective strategies is learning how to appear on Google News. Also known as Google News, this aggregator has the power to direct attention to your content due to the prominent visibility it provides to Top Stories.

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What is Google News?

Google News is a news aggregator available as an app and on the website This platform gathers time-sensitive information that is generally relevant for a limited period. The duration for which a news item is displayed depends on the source and the overall activity related to the topic at hand.

The aggregated content is also available in the “News” tab at the top of Google Search. As you’re well aware, this tab is a search option that displays results exclusively from sites selected by Google to appear on Google News.

Why is Appearing on Google News Important?

Appearing on Google News plays a crucial role in the visibility of news websites. It’s present in 60 regions and 35 languages, with over 50,000 confirmed news sources from around the world. This means these sites receive more than 6 billion visits per month.

Trust and credibility are crucial aspects in the digital news world, especially in an era where public distrust of digital sources is a significant concern. Furthermore, the Google News feed has become a reliable source that maintains high standards.

Among other factors that make Google News relevant to global journalism is its promotion of initiatives aimed at strengthening quality journalism and combating fake news and misinformation on the web. The Google News Initiative is a 4-year project that includes various tools to help publishers build a solid future for news, boost subscriptions, and increase revenue.

How Does Google News Work?

Google News automatically collects current articles from registered news sites and ranks them based on relevance. Additionally, Google’s algorithm groups articles on the same topic into a single main topic. As a result, a list is created featuring the most relevant headlines of the day, along with a lead article and related pieces.

On the main page, you’ll find articles that Google considers most relevant in a news feed showcasing the latest articles from top publications. On the right side, you’ll find local news, which is increasingly valued by the company.

How to Appear on Google News

Appearing on Google News isn’t a simple task, but by following certain guidelines and best practices, you can increase your chances of being included in this globally recognized news aggregator. Here are the main guidelines to follow:

General Guidelines

  • Types of Content: The content you publish must be timely, relevant, and of interest to the Google News audience. Keep in mind that certain types of content, such as advice, job ads, or purely informational content, might not be suitable for this category.
  • Originality and Readability: Originality and accuracy are key. If your website offers a mix of automatically generated content and aggregated content, it’s essential to differentiate them clearly. Additionally, ensure that your content is well-written and easily understandable for readers.
  • Expertise and Trustworthiness: Google News values content that reflects industry-leading expertise. This means that your content should offer a clear and knowledgeable perspective on the area. Furthermore, the content should display trust signals, such as a physical address, authority, and contact numbers.

Technical Guidelines

To be considered by Google News, it’s crucial to meet certain technical requirements. Here are some key guidelines:

  • URLs and Anchor Links: URLs and anchor links should be descriptive of the content, unique, and permanent. This helps Google identify and display your news appropriately.
  • Content Format: Content should be available in HTML format. PDF files, JavaScript, and other formats aren’t suitable for being crawled and displayed on Google News. Likewise, multimedia content might be excluded, with some exceptions.
  • Domain Accessibility: The domain where the content is hosted should be accessible to search engine bots. Ensure that your website is configured in a way that crawlers can access the content seamlessly.

Quality Guidelines

Content quality is essential to appear on Google News. Here are some key guidelines related to content quality:

  • Depth and Variety: Your content should be in-depth and offer a unique perspective. Avoid content duplication and strive to provide a comprehensive view of the topic.
  • Relevance and Opinion: Your content should be relevant and backed by a clear and well-founded opinion. Experience and reliability are key factors in establishing the quality of your content.
  • Non-Commerciality: Google News content shouldn’t be commercial or promotional. Avoid product or service advertisements and instead focus on providing objective and valuable information.

How to Submit Your Site to Google News

Submitting your site to Google News involves several steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieve it:

Step 1: Create a News Sitemap

Creating a specific sitemap for your news is the first step. Make sure this sitemap includes relevant information about your articles and the latest news. Next, you need to submit this sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools following the instructions provided by Google.

Step 2: Register the Sitemap in Google Search Console

Once you’ve created the news sitemap, you need to register it in Google Search Console. Access your account in the tool, log in, and add the URL of your website’s homepage. Google News offers different categories for news; ensure your content fits into one of these categories.

Step 3: Complete Registration in Google News

The final step is registration on the Google News platform. If your website meets Google’s requirements, you can click “Request Inclusion.” Fill out the Google News registration form, and once you see the message “Inclusion Request Sent,” your site will be evaluated within a period of up to three weeks. You can check the status of your request through the Google News Publisher Center.

Optimizing Your Site for Google News

In addition to following the aforementioned guidelines, there are some additional strategies that can help improve your presence on Google News:

  • Loading Speed: Ensure your website loads quickly so that both crawlers and readers can access your content without delay. A maximum load time of 200 ms is a goal to aim for. Avoid including elements that could slow down loading, such as heavy ads or unnecessary multimedia content.
  • Niche Focus: Stay true to your area of expertise. Avoid straying too far in terms of topics covered on your website. Google News values consistency and relevance in presented content.
  • Clear Content Structure: Organize your articles in a clear and coherent manner. Use the conventional structure of title, image, date, and content. This makes navigation easier for both crawlers and readers.
  • Timely Publishing: Publish content on current events as soon as possible. Google News values the rapid publication of breaking news and relevant topics.
  • Avoid Article Comments: Avoid the comments feature on your articles, as it can cause issues for crawlers. Instead, consider options like linking to external forums for discussions.
  • Title Optimization: Optimize the titles of your individual articles. Place the main keyword at the beginning and keep the title concise. Timeliness is also crucial for generating appealing titles.
  • Engaging Teasers: Teasers are essential for grabbing readers’ attention on Google News. Use relevant keywords and keep readers intrigued to click on your news.
  • Relevant Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions play an important role in news visibility. Write concise descriptions that include keywords and provide a preview of the content.
  • Sitemap Optimization: Ensure your news sitemap is up-to-date and contains accurate information. Remove outdated articles and keep the sitemap organized and clean.


Appearing on Google News can be a significant achievement for any news website. However, it’s important to follow guidelines and best practices to maximize your chances of being included in this globally recognized news aggregator. Quality, originality, and trust are key aspects to stand out in the competitive world of digital news. 

By following these strategies and providing valuable and relevant content, you can increase the visibility of your news and attract a higher flow of traffic to your website. Remember that the online news landscape is dynamic and challenging, but with a strategic approach, you can achieve your goals and shine on Google News.

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