Google AdX Partner: How to Choose?

Unlock Your Advertising Potential with the Perfect Google AdX Partner

Google AdX Partner

If you’re looking to maximize your online advertising strategy’s potential, you’ve likely considered using Google AdX. Formerly known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Google AdX is one of the largest and most influential programmatic ad exchange platforms in the market. However, choosing the right partner to utilize Google AdX can make all the difference in the success of your campaigns.

Welcome to our blog if you’re a Grumft ad partner. If not, let this content motivate you to explore our exclusive programmatic solutions for publishers and advertisers. In this article, we’ll delve into how to choose the ideal partner for Google AdX.

Monetization Partner for Google AdX

You might be wondering if all authorized Google AdX vendors can help you achieve better results. We can confirm that they can, but not all can produce the same eCPM and revenue outcomes. Keep reading to learn what to consider:

Industry Experience and Knowledge

When selecting a Google AdX partner, it’s crucial to consider the partner’s industry experience and knowledge. Look for companies or agencies with a strong reputation in the programmatic advertising market and a deep understanding of industry best practices and trends. Experienced partners can provide valuable insights and effective strategies to optimize your campaigns.

Ad Server Migration

Even though GAM is the most widely used ad server, you might be using another server. First and foremost, know that to access AdX, you need to have GAM as your ad server, and you may need to migrate from what you’re using today.

While there are many vendors, ensure the chosen Google AdX Partner can assist you in migrating, as not all have the required skills and experience. In addition to migrating, they will also need to efficiently set up advertising campaigns.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing is a pre-negotiated agreement in a business meeting between the publisher and the authorized Google AdX vendor. Typically, revenue sharing ranges from 15% to 20%. It’s important to check the eCPM that the Google AdX Partner can offer and, if they provide profit sharing, analyze what’s most appealing in your case. Additionally, understand the payment terms, which can be 30, 60, or 90 days. At Grumft, the payment term for all negotiations is 30 days.

Products and Services

Header bidding has become popular in recent years for eliminating the drawbacks of the waterfall method, where ad inventory sales occurred by calling demand partners in a sequential order based on historical performance. It allows publishers to sell ad impressions by calling demand channels in real time and displaying ads from advertisers who pay the most per impression.

Even though header bidding is a relatively old technique, there are still small and medium publishers that lack a dedicated team to manage header bidding and execute ad campaigns on servers. Therefore, check if the supplier you’re negotiating with can offer setup and implementation, allowing you to take advantage of increased revenue. Another important point is to verify if the Google AdX Partner provides advanced products, such as ad updates, video monetization, etc.

Ad Revenue Optimization

While header bidding and other techniques to sell ad impressions can maximize ad revenue, the only way to ensure effectiveness in an extremely dynamic market is ad optimization.

Your Google AdX Partner needs to be able to identify gaps and fill them with the best solutions by closely examining granular aspects of ad performance and maintaining Share of Voice (SOV) optimization to take your advertising revenue to the next level.

Share of Voice refers to the specific demand partner’s share. For example, if AdX is responsible for 70% of your revenue, that’s the SOV of AdX on your site.

Premium Demand Partners

There are thousands of advertisers and many demand partners capable of displaying ads on your site. However, not all of them will bid to purchase your impressions. For instance, only 13 SSPs, including Google Ad Exchange, AppNexus, Rubicon, Index Exchange, and OpenX, were responsible for 75% of the secure ad impressions that passed through the Confiant system.

You might already have major demand partners in header bidding, but a Google AdX Partner can help you access others. Furthermore, you don’t need multiple partners; you need one that serves you well. Grumft partners with key SSPs to ensure you can maximize your earnings alongside Google AdX.

Connections with Advertisers and Publishers

A Google AdX partner should have strong connections with relevant advertisers and publishers for your business. This ensures you have access to high-quality and relevant inventory for your campaigns. Check if the partner has established relationships with brands and media outlets relevant to your target audience. These connections can open doors to strategic and targeted advertising opportunities.

Technology and Advanced Resources

Another crucial aspect is evaluating the technology and resources offered by the Google AdX partner. Make sure the partner has a robust and user-friendly platform that offers advanced targeting features, real-time optimization, and detailed performance reporting. Additionally, check if the partner provides technical support and personalized guidance to help you extract the platform’s maximum potential.

Transparency and Control

Transparency is essential in programmatic advertising. Ensure the Google AdX partner is transparent about costs, fees, and commissions. Moreover, it’s important to have control over the ads displayed on your site. Check if the partner offers ad control features, such as filters for unwanted categories or direct competitors, to ensure your brand is protected and your quality requirements are met.

Support and Customer Service

Lastly, support and customer service are crucial factors in choosing a Google AdX partner. Ensure the partner offers quick and efficient support to meet your needs and address any issues that may arise. A good partner should be available to help you optimize your campaigns, answer questions, and provide strategic guidance.

Here at Grumft, we share experiences daily, and with 10 years in the digital and programmatic media market, our account manager is dedicated to supporting you alongside a committed and flexible team.

Quality and Performance

When partnering with a Google AdX Partner, it’s natural to seek inventory quality and performance. By managing multiple publishers through the same account and having billions of impressions on the same network, authorized partners can present performance metrics to prove the quality of ad inventories they possess.

Due to strict rules, it’s important to ensure the Google AdX Partner is secure and truly dealing with premium inventory. While this won’t impact ad revenue, this information will help you understand Adx account performance.

Ready to become a Google AdX partner with Grumft?

In summary, choosing the right partner for Google AdX is a crucial step in optimizing your online advertising campaigns. By considering experience, industry knowledge, connections with advertisers and publishers, advanced technology, transparency, control, support, and customer service, you’ll ensure your strategy is executed effectively and efficiently.

If you’re a Grumft ad partner, through our programmatic media platform, we can offer unique solutions and expertise to help you achieve better results. Our dedicated and flexible team is ready to support you at every step, from ad server migration to ad revenue optimization and partnering with premium demand partners.

Furthermore, when choosing a partner, take into account the quality and performance of the offered ad inventory. Grumft is committed to providing premium inventory and proven results, ensuring you reach your advertising goals.

Don’t overlook these crucial points when choosing the ideal Google AdX partner. With the right partnership, you’ll make the most of this powerful programmatic ad exchange platform and boost the success of your online advertising campaigns.

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