Tips to Increase your Ad Revenue for publishers with Grumft  

Tips to Increase your Ad Revenue for publishers with Grumft

This article is specially for publishers who are looking for ways to increase their Ad Revenues and don’t know how to do it. Keep reading the text and you will find out.

It may seem a little bit complicated to make increase at the first look, but it gets easier if you follow some steps, it is like following a formula.

So, here are these 4 steps: 

1. Find all the mistakes on your website

This one is maybe the most important step, it is how everything begins; there ain’t no point on making the best layout ever if there are some broken links and other technical mistakes on your page. 

With broken links, some pages just won’t load and it will surely make the user have the worst experience ever. In this step, it is time to fix the imperfections. 

Whatever is broken, you need to fix it.

2. Realize which pages need to have a better/prettier layout 

This is important, you probably have a lot of content on your page, and, many people think that the best way to have better pages ys by reducing and deleting all this content. It is not true. 

The key is to find a way to organize all this information in different pages, after correcting all the technical mistakes we’ve mentioned on step one; 

3. Word hard to make the navigation and interlinking of the site better

Consider the number of clicks, how many of them are necessary for you? Remember to fix whatever is broken, it will make the navigation way better. 

Also, leverage internal linking. 

4. Make the layout your website the best ever, correcting all the mistakes you have probably made once

Grumft’s formats:

It is no news how programmatic media and ds on websites are a good choice for the publishers, right? It is time to invest on that!  

And now that you are aware some ways you can increase your ad revenue, we will show how Grumft can help you with that. 

All of our ads formats help the publisher (you) to increase the ad revenue. Our ad formats are always created considering the best operation of your website, focus on developing to adapt for each page’s template we also have an online platform, in which you can track your ad’s performance.

Here are our formats

IAB Ads: Placed in different places on the page;

Special Ads: Placed and fixed on the page during all scrolling;

Video Ads: Placed on differents places on the page, this format usually has a better interaction with the public;

AMP Ads: Placed in different places on the page, this Google format helps to cut page load time. 

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