Why do I have a low CPM?

Why do I have a low CPM?

As a publisher, you probably have already had this doubt. It is a very valuable question, once CPM is so important in the internet ad world. This is the right place to find the answer, in today’s article you will find out.

To understand this article you first need to be aware of what CPM is, and you will find it on our blog here.

How  CPM is defined

First things first, to learn how to improve your CPM first it is needed to be aware of how it is calculated. We are all tired of listening about CPM revenue, sometimes is high, other times is very low. But, the one million dollar question is: How is it defined? 

The advertiser decides how much the mille of (Cost per Mille) it will cost and the ad network has the job of informing the publishers their number of cost for thousand impressions rates.  

Whenever we see advertisers increasing their ad spend to major events, the CPM will get higher as well. 

Four reasons why your CPM can be low:

  • Geography: This element is very important because the number will totally be influenced based on how the online industry is in which country. The higher ones are in the USA, Europe and Japan. 
  • The ad viability and size: larger ones have always have higher CPM and the viability of an ad is very important because a publisher with a bad viewability score will have truly low CPM. 
  • The device used: Ads on mobile have a lower CPM than in desktop. 
  • Reputation: Advertisers are always checking the past performances, preferring value traffic quality ones.  

How to improve your CPM

Now that you are aware of how your CPM can get low it’s finally time to find out ways to increase it. Here are three suggestions: 

  • Know your traffic: 

This is majorly important because by knowing your traffic,you will be ready for the demands it asks for. How do it? 

  • Use Google Analytics to track the visitors of your website. 
  • Always be aware of which kind of seasons you are generating more traffic to invest in. 
  • Remember to always investigate all the subjects of your trafic. Analytics can give you plenty of important pieces of information.
  • Put the ads on your website in the right way: 

If the ads are not placed right on the website, you may see your CPM going way down, remember to place as it is recommended by your ad network. To find out more about Grumft’s CPM click here. Don’t forget to check your statements.  

Insert contextual ads sponsored content widgets

This is a good way of increasing your revenue. 

After all these tips, what are you waiting to start dedicating yourself to have a high CPM? Always be open to try various techniques and find the ones that works for your website.   

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