What CPM means and why we should implement it on our campaigns

What CPM means and why we should implement it on our campaigns?

If you want to figure out what CPM means and  positive points of using it in the right way, read this article and surely things will be clear for you!

First of all, we need to understand what CPM is, how this metrics works and how we can take advantage of using it. In a first impression, it may seem difficult and that is why we are going to explain it to you in an easily way.

What CPM is?

The CPM metrics mean cost per thousand impressions, or easily explaining, it’s a metric that you will pay for each thousand of views. It works in a simple way, as the explanation said, and you can use it only on digital marketing.

Obviously, nowadays it’s much more common to use digital marketing than in the old days, and this bunch of options can measure for us the importance of  the good rating that kind of campaign can bring to you and improve your profit.

Resuming, it measures the cost that some ad will have to be exposed exactly a thousand times in the internet.

Which advantage the CPM brings to your campaign?

As we said before, it basically works like this: calculating the cost of a thousand expositions about your campaign. So, naturally, using this metric will always keep you in control about your costs and profits.

It either allows you to calculate how much each ad exposure costs, and this way you will decrease a lot the chance of a campaign failure.

And one of the biggest advantages of using CPM on digital marketing is that you will receive your money and benefits for each campaign that users see on internet, independent of they click or not, open or not, if they just see your campaign is reaching your goals.

In other words, using the CPM despite others like CPC, you will achieve a bigger reach having almost the same cost in comparison, and naturally that means a higher profit.

Which kind of Ad is the best one to use CPM?

This is an important question, but there is not only one correct answer. To choose the best way to announce your campaign and how to do it and which page or website is the best, you will need to keep many things in mind.

As you are using CPM, you will need to be sure that people will get interested on your Ad when they see it, so it basically depends on your target.

You can use images, graphics, texts… Any kind of these Ads are acceptable, you need to understand a lot about target and be aware which kind of Ad they prefer and why. This way you are going to increase your profit and have a lot ofsuccess a lot. 

How to improve the CPM results?

As in every kind of campaign, it’s extremely important keep improving your results, doing that naturally you are going to improve your profit. One thing leads to another.

The first tip is to increase your target, I mean, make more people be interested on your campaign, on your product or service announced. The more, the merrier.

The second tip is to improve the quality, it means, as we said before, to keep studying your results, if something is going right or not, and this way you will refine the quality of your ads according to your target is looking for.

The last tip it’s to enlarge the time; hours and days your campaign will be ative. That will naturally makes your Ad be more seem and better results are going to come.


Reading this article, we conclude that CPM still giving us good results, the key point is to know how to work with it. If you study your competitors, your target and your market well, than your success it’s almost guaranteed.   

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