Why monetize your site with Grumft?

Why monetize your website

If you are reading this article, you have probably already asked yourself “Why should I contract Grumft?”, right? The answer is easy, and we will explain it in this text. 

It is important to mention Grumft’s function and mission in the market: we are a programmatic media ad network, with the same easy and fast setup as Google Adsense. Our mission is to connect the best advertisers to content publishers -of any size-, democratizing the access of the premium service for any website worldwide and optimizing your advertisement. 

Regarding our monetization, we have an on-demand complete plan, created to supply each page’s needs. 

Our methods include:

  • 100% fill rate;
  • Header Bidding by EBDA;
  • We monetize your remnant inventory;
  • Fast and personalized service with a manager account to respond to your doubts.

Our ad formats are always created considering the best operation of your website, focus on developing to adapt for each page’s template we also have an online platform, in which you can track your ad’s performance.

Here are our formats: 

  • IAB Ads: Placed in different places on the page;
  • Special Ads: Placed and fixed on the page during all scrolling;
  • Video Ads: Placed on differents places on the page, this format usually has a better interaction with the public;
  • AMP Ads: Placed in different places on the page, this Google format helps to cut page load time.

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