5 Programmatic Advertising Trends


If you are still struggling to understand why programmatic advertising is, by far, the newest way of negotiation when the subject is marketing and ads, solve all your doubts in today’s article and find out some programmatic advertising trends at this moment

You will find out in this article: 

  • Top 5 Programmatic Advertising Trends

According to ‘Programmatic Marketing Forecasts’, from Zenith, people will spend about US$98 billions in programmatic ads in 2020. It is a lot of money, many brands, many companies and many people involve, proving to us, once again that programmatic ads is the future of the online marketing

The industry is changing, including the marketplace and the programmatic media is showing its big importance in this new scenario. According to https://blog.bannerflow.com/programmatic-advertising-trends-2020/, It has been predicted that almost 88% of US digital display ad dollars will be transacted programmatically by 2021”. Numbers like that just can’t be ignored. 

Because of all this reasons, in today’s article you will find out 5 programmatic advertising trends:   

1-  Ads in the street will not be the same: 

OOH, (Out of Home) is how it is called any kind of media that is outdoor, like subway ads, elevator ads, and others. The media OOH and the digital will kind of interact one with the other, creating movies though a digital circulation creating better ads. 

The brands must put their minds on to create of this kind of campaigns, focused on interacting with their clients offline and online at the same time, doing a kind of connection between them. 

2- Programmatic on podcasts and TV will probably grow: 

The way we are consuming TV is always changing, the last year it changed most, it is completely different from how it used to be like 5 years ago, for example. Services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are running the TV (and all of them are from internet). 

We can conclude that programmatic TV will win a lot because it will buy and deliver ads across the web, with content being consumed specially my mobile. 

The same happens with podcasts, audio advertising will also grow a lot in this new space market. The Podcast Revenue Report says that “marketers spent $479 million to advertise on podcasts in the U.S., an uptick of 53% from $314 million in 2017”, according to https://marketing.toolbox.com/articles/ads/programmatic-advertising-trends/.

It is good times to apps like Spotify

3-  Creative ads gives a good return: 

This may seems  obvious, but it has to be said. This is thanks to DCO and the use of CPM.

According to the article https://blog.bannerflow.com/programmatic-advertising-trends-2020/High impact ad creatives are making a big resurgence in 2020 thanks to the rise of creative DCO (dynamic creative optimization). Through the use of a CMP (creative management platform), brands can now easily implement creative DCO. Enabling the creation of quality, relevant, and high impact ads for consumers.”

4-  5g will help programmatic advertising:

People believe that in 2024 the 5g use will grow 1.4 billion, and we can predict that the 5th generation of communication will allow websites and videos to load way faster on our mobile phones, delivering the ads in a very faster speed

In other words, we must believe in the 5g speed promises and start to think about how to create better programmatic video ads. 

 5-  Brands must pay attention to the privacy law: 

More and more, it is important to have a professional person to take care of the data of the brand

It is unpredictable to follow the new rules, brands that have the best organization about it will probably have a better experience on the media buying

After all of these facts had showed that brands must pay attention on this new kind of market, it will all be about programmatic advertising.


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