A guide about Display Advertising 

A guide about Display Advertising 

Do you have doubts about Display Advertising? Keep reading this article, we will explain the importance of it, why is a good choice to invest on it and the role of a display ad in the marketing market.

What is a Display Ad? 

The definition of Display Advertising is: a banner (with text, graphic or both of them together) that appears in precisely spaces of a site or a social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. The advertising is paid and comes in many different forms, but the function is always the same. 

The users are supposed to click on the image with the ads and they will get directed to a landing page, according to the promotion. It is also possible to find some kind of animation to engage the user. 

The use of Display Ad keeps growing and evolving in the market and now it is even possible to put video and sounds in the banner, and the possibility to interact with the user. 

Here is an example of some banner ads:

Now that you have understand what is a Display Advertisements, it is time to know the benefits about it. We made a list, take a look: 

  • Gives your brand a bigger segmentation
  • It is an innovation in the advertising formats
  • Gives to the user the possibility to click, it is very interactive
  • There are different ways of payment, including the CPC and the CPM 
  • It works very well on mobile 
  • Is is possible to track your brand’s results
  • It is new, modern and it is definitely giving good results. 
  • It achieves the right public for the right ad 

The Display Ad in the marketing

When we are talking about the online media, the display ads are a main component, it is a very important resource. It is because once the users click on the ad the will engage your public, helping to filter the visitor, creating a funnel for your brand. 

Therefore, we can’t ignore how important Display Ads are, and how brands are having great results with this resource. If you were having any doubts about investing on it, now is the time you decide to do it.

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