How the pandemic has changed publishing forever and how to profit from it?

How the pandemic has changed publishing forever and how to profit from it?

The world will never be the same after a crisis, everything changes, including the publishing world. To understand more about these adjustments and the its benefits, keep reading our today’s article.

Despite the segment, the brand or the kind of job, every company and everybody had to find a way to deal with the coronavirus crisis, it includes publishers and the way they are doing their jobs right now. 

If we can get something good from these hard times is that: all the lessons we were kind of forced to learn, we will never forget.

Staying home and the home office changed everyone’s life, and that is exactly what we are going to takj about in this next topic. To make things clear for our readers, here is a list of 4 changes the pandemic brought to publishers and some tips about how can they get some benefits from it:

1. People are looking for truly content

It is not a secret that in this pandemic many fake news have been spreaded all around the world, since from how you can get infected by the virus till some miracle pill to the disease and that is exactly why users started to look for trusted sources, like newspapers websites and news portals. People want to read valivuble sources of content.  

These channels information have been increasing their subscription sales number a lot in the past few months.

More than ever, people want to feel in contact with the others, that is why articles and ads about true stories have been such a successful these times.

2. The company doesn’t necessarily need to have an office (like in the past)

Think about your company 4 months ago, you would never ever even considering the possibility to work from home, right? Now we’ve learned that it is totally possible to do it, each one of us in our own home, without having to go to the office. 

News still been posted every single day; big publishers and small publishers are doing their job in the same way they ever done, now from home. 

What does it mean? You may not need the space you once thought was essential for your company, and it is possible to stop paying the rent and fine a new place that fits all your company new needies. 

Face to face still needs to exist, but not in the same frequency of the old days.

3. People are getting used to online documents/articles/magazines

Actually, young people were already adapted to these kind of contents since many years ago. After quarantine and social distancing the old people had to get adapted to that too. 

How can magazines, newspapers and any kind of online brand can get some benefit from that? Creating exclusive online paid content. Make all your digital content more beautiful and interesting and make a lower-priced digital-only subscription, to keep your users.

4. Live occasions will change

If in the old world we wanted big events with many unknown people, now the necessity is face to face and small rooms -at least from sometime, we suppose-.

Live events have human contact and that is probably what everybody will look for after quarantine, face to face and eye to eye with people that have some common interessents.

Companies that have the power to organize small and good events after the pandemic will score points, be one of them. It will also create a better relationship between the job partners in this end of coronavirus we hope to see soon. 

Dealing with the coronavirus, pandemic, quarantine and the crisis at all haven’t been easy so far, but we definitely learn valuable lessons from that, we can always take some good part of something, even in this hard times, but it will pass. Just hold on.

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