Why is the title of an article so important?

Why is the title of an article so important?

First of all, keep in mind that the title of your article is almost the soul of it. I mean, if you choose a good one, I guarantee that people will be interested in the content of the article, in the other hand, if you choose a bad title or a not-attractive one, many people will not even start to read your it, even if you have a good content. 

In other words, your headline is the key to make people read what you wrote. If you create a powerful one, it will gets people attention but if the title isn’t catchy, then you have a problem: the text will be probably gets unnoticed.   

Like it was previously said, it is a good choice to try to make the person who is reading the title feel some mysterious emotion, and that certainly will make the person feels anxious to read the text. 

Other good tip is to try to bring some memories or references for your public, and if you achieve this goal, the article will be certainly read. That is automatic, it does not matter where, but if you see a strong title, your head will imagine a strong text, with the same impact that the headline brings.

For example, imagine that you are looking for some games article, and somewhere in the internet, you find a list with 15 different articles, how will you choose the one that you will read? Exactly, by the title!

Here are some examples:

Imagine that now you are looking for some nursing or meditation study, trying to convince yourself about the positive points of those practices, right?

And you found two different texts, the first one called “meditation nurses” and the second one called “Benefits of Meditation for the Nursing Profession: A Quantitative Investigation. Which one would you choose? Probably the second one, right? But why?

These two titles may describe very similar studies and results, booth articles could even be about the same study and bring to you the same positive and negative points. That is the magic of a good title, did you realize?

4 questions to ask yourself when you are choosing your ideal title’s article 

  1.   Do your title predicts content? If it does not predict, that is not the right way to a good one.
  2.   Is it  an interesting one? If it is not, that is not the right way to a good one.
  3.   Does it reflect the tone of your article content? If it does not reflect, that is not the right way to a good one.
  4.   Does it bring important keywords that certainly will make readers interested in your article? If does not bring, that is not the right way to a good one.

If you follow this four requirements, then you can be right that you will  have a good title, bringing more readers to your article, consequently a better result to your website. 

In other words, make sure that your title describes the topic that you are talking about in your article, which is essential. Besides that, be methodical and simplistic as possible, and be sure that your reader will understand what you trying to say, that is indispensable. 

To make a long history short, the headline is the first reference someone will have of your text before it is  read. Therefore, it must be a good one, to make a good impression. But, keep in your mind: Besides the importance of the title, the content of it has to be clean and useful. 

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