How to create a good Storytelling

How to create a good Storytelling

You have some idea in your mind and have no clue of how to tell it to the world? Keep calm, we will teach you! Even if it is a fairy tale, a mysterious story, a joke or you’re just trying to convince someone. 

After all, what is Storytelling? 

The answer is easy: it is the ability of telling a story and make people interested about it, creating a sort of emocional conexion with the reader, that is the key to success in this case.

There are many important elements in Storytelling, for example: the characters, the place where it happens, the conflict and the message you want to spread. Besides that, the story needs to have a beginning, the climax and the end. 

To make a long story short, Storytelling is when you use a narrative to communicate something to your readers. 

Why is Storytelling so important? 

When you create a good story, and communicate it to the world in a better way, you’ve produced an unique material and you are the only person in the world who did this content, because the text has you own perspective. 

Writing stories and telling them to people is a way to make them feel connected with you (or your brand), creating a bond, making them always accessing your website. There you go, you are making an loyal audience. 

Stories are a easy way to make people feel emotional about something, even if it is not a narrative, it is completely possible to make the reader feel some kind of feeling once she or he is reading it. 

Other important point we have to mention here is: Stories inspire people and bring them together. Despite the language of the story, someone will read it, and will show to a friend, who will show to another friend, and all them will share some kind of feeling about it. 

When your brand is telling a story, it becomes more human, because it gets transparent about the truth, therefore, people will truth more on it.  

How to write a storytelling:

Now that you have finally understood what  storytelling is and the importance of it, it is time to start writing one. First of all, we will list some points that can make an ordinary story becomes a good one. 

  1. Organized: To write a good story, you have to follow some kind of order to keep your reader interested about that. 
  2. Universal: People from all over the world have to understand it. 
  3. Educational: It has to have a meaning, teaching something to the readers. 
  4. Entertaining: If you got this one, the other points will just come. 

Now are the questions you have to ask yourself when you start writing it: 

  1. Who is gonna read it (knowing your audience is maybe one of the most important points, because it changes the way you are gonna write it). 
  2. What my story is telling to people.
  3. What is the point of writing it. 
  4. Where will you post it. 
  5. How are you gonna write it.

Once you find the answers for these 5 questions, you have your “briefing”.

Now, here are the steps to create a really good storytelling: 

  1. Create a hero and an enemy: All story in the world needs a bad guy and a good guy, it doesn’t need to necessary be a person, it can be a thing, or a feeling, or anything you can come up with.  
  2. Conflict: The conflict is how things get “interested” . You need to create something to people want to keep reading your story.
  3. Find the write lengague: If your website is for kids, for example, you will write in a different way, and that is why is so important to really know your audience.  
  4. Make it visual: When your public is reading it, they need to imagine as if they were there.  
  5. Create a story easy to people relate to: That is very important, because, then, people will easl feel closer to your and your brand. 
  6. Put some surprise: In the end or in the climax, something surprising needs to happen.  
  7. Share it:   Again, you have to know your audience. Find out where are the best channels (according to the public) to share it. 

Final thoughts

Are you ready to write perfect stories? You will need some practical, but with these tips you will learn it very fast! 

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