Keywords; The complete guide


In this article you will learn why is so important to have the perfect keywords and how it can increase the visibility of your website

You will find in this article: 

  • What are keywords
  • The importance of keywords 
  • How to find the best keywords 
  • How do keywords research work 

Are you ready to understand one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy? First of all, if you are reading this article you have already heard about “Keywords”, right? This tool has been getting attention from everyone who wants to create a good website. 


Have you ever thought about what Google does when you are searching for some word? What is its strategy to show the user the right website, connecting to the word he/she have previously researched? 


Keep reading this article and find out everything about keywords


What are keywords?

Keywords are defined by a word or phrase inserted on search engines-like Google-. In other words, this words/phrases are the major word or theme of a text, they are used to describe the main subject of the text. 


For example, someone writes an article on a blog about a trip to Italy, but in the text, many informations about Italy are quoted. Then, the best keyword is “Italy”, or “trip to Italy”, because that is the main subject of the text. 


Then, the keywords help search engines to identify the subjects your articles/content cover.


The importance of keywords


Now that you have already understand what a keyword it is time to understand the importance of it. 

As the name already reveals its importance, keywords have a really big importance when we are talking about creating a good marketing strategy, because this words/phrases will define what kind of audience you are attracting to your website, because these are the words the users are looking for on Google

The keywords are opening the door of your content blog to the internet (when chosen correctly, obviously). 

If you have a business, a brand, or even a blog, it really means something to someone access it, share with someone and understand what the website is about. 


How to create the best keywords


First things first, it is important to remember that it is not only about electing many keywords and just insert them in the middle of your text, you have to really create a strategy. But don’t you worry, we will give you some excellent tips. 

First of all, think: Why do I need some keywords? The answer is clear, to improve your website traffic

So, the first step is: Know your audience, because the keyword will be the first contact of the brand with the public, and these words will probably define if the user will or won’t continue on the website. 

You have a very important job: create a good content, with good keywords, with that, you will show a lot of credibility. Each keyword needs to be considered as a question, that the content needs to answer. 


How to define the keywords

  • Your audience: 


It is important to mention again; always think about the kind of content the audience is looking for, then, think about what keywords best match with that. 

Ask yourself: How my audience would search on Google when they find websites about the subject they are looking for? 


  • Create a good strategy: 


Have a very clear goal about your strategy, it has to be your guide to take the next steps. 

If you have the goal of increasing your audience direct the keywords to this, but if your goal is to increase the sales, use words that will help your website with that. 


  • Take a look at the concurrents: 


This is a very important tip, it is very good to track the organic results of the concurrents, just keep checking their social media websites. 


Besides these tips, there are also some tools that are exactly created with the objective to find relevant keywords.


How do keywords research work


A keyword research is the process of analyzing the search terms people are searching for on search engines.  

This tools will tell you what topics people are searching for more, what they care about, and how trendy are those topics.  

With this informations, it is easy to create a good strategy for your website when creating the right keywords.

Ready to identify the right keywords and achieve your goals? Follow our guide and you will success in that mission.

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