Learn how to monetize your AMP page with Grumft 

Learn how to monetize your AMP page with Grumft

It is finally time to understand how AMP works, how publishers can benefit from it and how Grumft can help you with that. 

What is AMP? 

The meaning of AMP is? Accelerated Mobile Pages, and as the word already explains for itself: these online mobile pages, from several websites, are optimized with a simpler load data, creating a faster speed to the website, almost immediate. 

Many big companies put their mind on it creating this fast technolog. Once the users are spending more time on mobile phones than in desktops, the whole point of it is giving the user a better experience on the website, making them spend more time on it. And who will win with that? The publishers. 

Once a page is configured to become an AMP page, it becomes a second version of the page, including the exactly same content of the original version of it, but in the end of the link we can see “/amp”. 

The benefits about AMP

Many online portals are looking for ways to increase their number of users and investing on something that will make them experience on the website much better is a way of doing it. Here is a list of 6 benefits about AMP pages: 

  • Saving time: This format will follow the same characters of the official website, but you won’t have to worry about the position of the elements, it will solve by itself. Therefore, you will have time to think about new contents you may want to create.
  • Speed: Like it was previously mentioned, the format will facilitate the loading data, creating a better experience to the user.
  •  Practicality: You just need to put the script and the code of the pages que you wish the ads are and it is ready. 
  • Facility: Because of it optimization and speed, the informations the readers want are them way easier to them. 
  • Increase SEO: Thinking about the user experience,  Google gives priority to pages  with a fast load data. 

We may mention that there is a myth that landing pages are usually difficult to build. 

According to Google, this is a lie: “80% of development teams Google contacted said they built AMP landing pages in less than a week. Having said that, AMP development effort varies on the page type. Some AMP pages can be built within a day, others take longer. Visit amp.dev for free AMP templates to reduce your development time even further.”

Monetizing your AMP page with Grumft:

Grumft can help your website with that, we offer or free plug- in that converts your website to amp easily. 

The open cood tool, AMP, has the function to improve user navigation performance on all mobile devices, a way faster load than other pages. 

We also have AMP ads, our AMP formats raise 30% till 50% of the premium CPM value, with the same propose of immediately load. This ads can be fixed on AMP pages.

You can easily notice how faster these pages load on your mobile.

Do you want to purchase AMP on your pages? Sign up for it on our site and have a better experience to your page users. It is easy!

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