Organic traffic: find out everything about it

Organic traffic

Having a good organic traffic is a very significant characteristic for everyone who has a site or a blog, and we will teach you the most important points about it, how to increase it and how to make your website even better.  

What is the definition of organic traffic?

The organic traffic is the visitors who got on your website for free. In other words, they found it at some search engine, like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Once we see a blog/site at the top of Google’s page, it is because they have a great organic traffic in determined researches.  

We will give you some examples, of organic traffic and paid traffic. The first one is: when you are doing a Google search of any word, like “Apple”, and you access the first website that Google shows.

On the other hand, the paid traffic is like this: You are checking something on your Facebook or Instagram, suddenly some website link appears, you find it interesting and check the site. See the difference? You didn’t have to search for, it wasn’t your initiative like in the first example, when you wanted to find the word “Apple”. 

Another example of paid traffic is attracting visitors to your site by advertising on Google, the first website google shows, the ones written “AD” is a paid traffic.  

In other words, with the organic traffic, you are not paying people to visit your website; they are just doing it because they consider you have a good content there. 

Here is the challenge: create a great organic traffic is not a very easy mission to do, but the results are really worthy when are talking in long terms. 

When you see a website with a good organic traffic, you can bet, it did not happen from day to night, it was surely a lot of work, researchers and strategies involved.  

Why is the organic traffic so important to your website? 

As your traffic is growing, you will have to spend less money to achieve your goals, so it will be way better for you.  

If the visitors are having interest in the content you are making, it will always be a better deal for you, because they are finding what they are looking for. 

In the end of the day, your brand will get more visibility and the Google will recommend your page. 

Tips to increase the organic traffic 

Know your public

If you know your public very well, it gets easier to know what kind of content they are looking for, then, it is easier to produce it.  

So, define your public, then you will find out the right language and the correct key words to use.

Create good content

This is just indispensable when we are talking about internet blogs/sites. You have to write articles that will really solve the users problems, really useful stuff, the logical has to be: the user gets attracted by the information. 

Put your creative to work and bet on: e-book, images, videos and other internet tools you believe will attract people.   

It is important to use long-tail keywords

The trick is: don’t use generic words about a topic. Choose keywords that are actually specific to what your website is about. Here is an example: You wrote an article about “how to write a persuasive conclusion”, then, you have to target for those people who are specific trying to learn how to write a persuasive conclusion.

Make posts regularly

If you have a good posts frequency, your readers will like it better. It is important to always be updated about the topics you write articles about in your website. 

Increase your reach

Spreading the message of your posts is import. What is the point of creating good content if you are not sharing it in the right ways? Go ahead an you the social media in your benefit. 

Leave a marc of your website on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. When you are sharing content on social media, it is easier to the rider to share it with them friends.

Final thoughts

Now that you have understood the importance and learned some tips about organic traffic, it is time to start doing it, it is truly not an easy task to do, but it is not impossible and, with a little bit of practice and following some tips, you will make it and improve your site or blog. 

Like we have previously mentioned in the article, the results will be worthy. 

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