User experience with digital ads: everything you have to know

User experience with digital ads

Some users just love digital ads while others hate them. But in the end of the day, they will always be there. The key is: be sure that online visitors are having a great experience with the ads. 

You probably have already heard someone saying that online ads are really annoying as well you have probably listened phrases like “I really like online ads, feel like they are reading my mind” or “Didn’t even know that I needed this item till I saw an online ad about it”. Why is that? The secret is in the experience they had with the ads.

The first example, the person who said that doesn’t like it at all was probably trying to read an article and some ads about a random product started to pop up right in his face. Imagine you are trying to read something about politics, or coronavirus when some ad selling pills to grow your hairs starts to show, it may be really frustrating. 

On the other hand, the second one had that good experience because the metrics and the algorithms were well used, showing products ads that the user was really into. That’s why “feels like someone is reading my mind” is nothing but a truly well planned metrics. 

According to, “95% of customers agree with the good user experience.” 

The problem is that sometimes programmatic advertising doesn’t always give the publishers the power of choice in which spaces their ads will be showed. But the ecosystem is changing, making publishers lives better. 

How is it changing for the best?

  • New technologies are very welcome: These new models over to publishers online platforms that do all the job for the, offering non-invasive space of ads, that also creates a high impact to the user. 
  • Data-driven programmatic: makes the segmentation and the targeting with a best significative, all based on datas. It gives the users that non-intrusive experience we are looking for. 
  • The technology is becoming more transparent: giving some trust to the advertisers, publishers and online audience.

Tips for publishers:

  • It is extremely important that you guys make a good deal between ad revenue, search raking and the number of visitors.  
  • Your audience must be aware, it is the key to gain credibility, witch is very important for business. 
  • The users must have the possibly the power to close the ads, also is important to always inform your audience the use of cookies and Pop Ups are inevitable but use them in the right and safe way.  
  • The least one, and very important too: try to get to know your audience, finding what is relevant for them, what kind of ads they would like to see, what are them preferences. To make a long story short, always try to adjust the ds according to the public (based on real datas). Investing on that is worthy, trust us.

American professor and statistician Edward Tufte said that “Confusion and clutter are the failure of design, not the attributes of information.” We can apply his phrase on our context, people tend to like or dislike things that they are seeing and that is why is so necessary to make a good impression with the ads, after the good impression, comes the good experience, our main goal. 

In today’s article we’ve showed how important is to find the perfect balance between online ads and the user experience, we can assure that if ads are shown in the right way, the experience will be good.

In other words, the users must have control of the ads and publishers need to always get to know their audience.  

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