What is Ad Inventory?

What is Ad Inventory?

Doubts about the meaning of Ad Inventory? In this article we will explain the term definition and some important points about it. 

If you are a publisher who wants to monetize your website online, the meaning of Ad inventory is very important to you, and the way it can help you to increase the revenue is also a point to pay attention. 

Keep reading the article and you will solve all your doubts about the subject. 

After all, what is Ad Inventory? 

It is nothing else but the number of advertisements or amount of ad space a publisher has to sell on his site to an advertiser, then, advertisers who have a similar content with the website can advertise on it. 

In other words, the meaning of Ad Inventory is the commodities available for the advertisers to buy on the website. 

How to calculate it? 

Now that you are aware of Ad Inventory is, the number of it is typically valued on the basis of impressions, but let’s see the different ways it can be calculated, with regrading traffic or ad clicks that the publishers will deliver to the advertisers:

Page impressions

Most of the times this number is calculated according to the number of a page impressions (when the user is looking at one ad on the website). As the site has more impressions, more money the publisher can ask for its ads space, because the advertisers will have access to a big audience.  

Ad Value

The calculus has some variables, the potential vale of your ad inventory is defined by the page impressions of your website multiplied by the average numbers of ads on your website page. 

The location of the ad is another point that can change the value of your ads on your web page. It can effect, for example, like this: the spaces of the website don’t have the same value to rent.

 The banners ads standing on the top of the page are more expensive than the ads standing on the side of the page, this is because the top of the pages are always visible.   

In other words, all the ads that are available without scrolling the page are more expensive than the other ones.

Revenue model 

It can also be calculated based on the number of ad that are leading the site generated, if a user fills a form with contact information, or cost per click. The publisher will only win money when the user clicks on an ad in this way. 

Fill rate

As higher is your fill rate, as better. If you have a high fill rate it means your advertisers are enjoying your ads demand of space, and you are receiving money because of it.  

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