Which Ad size is the most profitable for your website and why?

Which Ad size is the most profitable for your website and why?

If you want to create the best Ad, probably you had already thought about which size are the best one to choose in your case. Read this article and things are going to be clearly to you!

First of all, even before thinking about the best size option to your Ad, we need to identify and figure out how it works and how it can help you to reach your goals.

How can the Ad size can influence my entire campaign?

It is not common to see people who are planning an announcement taking care about the size of it, but nowadays that can easily be a good difference  and unconsciously makes you have an advantage over your competitors.

At the beginning it can be a little bit hard if you are starting right now your blog or website. You want your website to look pretty but at the same time you wish you could earn more revenue and improve your profit. It may cause you panic but keep calm, that is absolutely normal until Ad sizes became familiar to you.

But how can a simple measure influence my entire campaign?

Well, as a general guideline, wider Ad sizes usually work better than the taller Ads because they are more visible and more attractive to the eyes.

Thinking in this way, it is important to make sure that your display Ads are memorable and effective, and that will make visitors feel more likely to click your Ad and buy your product, or even search for your business later. Basically it works in a simple way: If you choose the right size for your Ad it will probably be fixed on your target mind, and that will naturally turns into benefits to you; but if you choose the wrong size, it may avoid your target to meet your product and eventually buy it. It is simple!

And how can it maximize my earnings?

To maximize your profit using these ads, publishers need to optimize them in the best way as possible , part of which is choosing the best ad sizes and locations for the specific pages, along with choosing effective colors. Using all these key points in the right way, you are going to reach your goals and certainly achieve the expected success for your Ad.

But to choose the best Ad size for you, you need first to figure out which kind of Ad size your target commonly seek in the internet and which one they are most acquainted, as the publishers probably will choose announcements that bring them some profit too. If you choose the wrong banner sizes as an advertiser, you certainly will limit the reach of your ad campaigns and naturally this will put your profit down below.

But which sizes of Ad we should use?

The mostly common Ad sizes used nowadays are the following:

  • 336 x 280, basically a large rectangle. 
  • the 300 x 250, basically a medium rectangle. 
  • the 728 x 90, basically leaderboard. 
  • the 300 x 600, basically half page. 
  • and for mobile versions the 320 x 100, basically a large mobile banner. 

It is important to keep in mind that while using these Ad sizes you probably will perform well your campaign, you need to keep thinking and utilizing the size that best fit your pages and your contents to your target, so this way you will keep them consuming your content and your products/services, naturally improving and improving your success and profit.

It is important to remember that we quoted some of the most used Ad sizes in our Ads world nowadays, but this is just to make you understand it’s importance on your campaign. Read this article and get your conclusions and choose the best one to your content and your ideas.


We can easily conclude that a good Ad size can influence effectivity your campaign to reach your goals and the success you expected for. Get an expert in this topic and surely you profit going to get improved. 

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