Why has Google penalized my website? 


You’ve got your website penalized and have no idea why? Don’t panic! This article was made specifically for you. Keep reading because it is time to find out some reasons why it might have happened. 

You will find in this article 

  • Seven reasons why Google can penalize a website 
  • What to do when you get penalized 

Google has an important job in today’s society, it is the biggest source of content and it is the first tool that comes into our minds when we have to search for something, either is a cake’s recipe or some historical fact about the Second World War. We will always search on Google

For these reasons, we need to understand that Google has a big responsibility with his users. The tool wants to share the right content, accurate information, and the best of the best with its algorithms.

When our favorite search tool finds some trouble on your site, you will get caught by a penalty that sometimes was actually deserved, but nobody wants to be penalized for the rest of the times

There are many reasons why you can get penalized, right now we will be sharing 7 reasons why it might have happened, take a look:  


Seven reasons why Google can penalize a website:

  • Duplicate content: any source of duplicate content you post will be less useful in Google’s view. Do you want a piece of advice? Always do your best to write good and relevant content, this factor truly helps you to grow. 


  • Hidden links: Google is smart, if something is hidden, it probably feels wrong and suspicious. Even if you do it as an innocent reason, think twice because you can get penalized because of that. 


  • Slow speeds: There are many reasons why the speed of your website can be slow, but there is only one sure: the users will not have a good experience and will get frustrated and you also can soffer some kind of penalty by Google. 


  • Very poorly mobile websites: Google doesn’t want to have its names associated with sites that have a poorly designed on the mobile version, make sure that you are creating a good one. 


  • Landing pages: it is comum to use more than one landing page to improve its position in SERPS. But pay attention to that because Google can consider it as a penalty for violating.


  • Spam: Like we said, Google is aware of everything, including if your website has been submitted to a source of spam and it can get into some trouble. 


  • Using links on your site from another language: Yes, that is right. You can get penalized for that, even if the link is from a legitimate source. Google thinks that the users prefer one lengangue and are not interested in websites that have more than one, sad story. 


What to do when you get penalized?


Now that you are aware of some reasons you may get your website penalized, it is time to find out what to do when it happens

First of all, it is not time to panic! Sometimes it wasn’t even your own fault that something like that happened, and even if it was, it’s always time to make things right. Here it goes: 


  • Disavow troubled links: Ask Google which links on your website are not right and just do it quickly and also remember to remove some of them too. 
  • Request to Google reconsider the decision: this one is only possible if the penalty was manual.  
  • Just wait: Google is a massive company with many functions, sometimes it takes a little while to recrawl your website. 


Well, after these tips you are probably feeling less stressed, right? Remember that even massive websites have already suffered penalties by Google and they still there. 


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