5 tools to test your page speed

5 Tools to test your Page Speed

Creating a good experience for the users is one of the best ways to get relevant in search engines and generate more traffic, that is why the page speed is so important. Keep reading today’s article and learn how to improve it. 

The importance of page speed

As publishers, we always have many questions on our minds, like “What kind of content should I create to attract users?” or “How am I supposed to get online visibility?”. It is time to stop this overthinking because we’ve got the answer. 

Content is definitely the most important part of a website, but what is the point of having the greatest content of all the times if the user is not having a good experience? You must have a good page speed to show what all the content your page has to offer, the user can’t have problems when accessing the page. 

There are other reason why the speed of your page is so important, sites that load fast are always hanked better by Google.   

Short story: with more visitors (having a great experience), the website is ranked higher and you get more visibility. 

Five tools that will improve your page’s performance: 

We’ve shown you why having a good page speed is important, now it is time to explain how to do it. 

The best way to do it is with a speed test tool that will analyze your website, including all the elements and creating ways to optimize your performance.

There are many of these tools on the market, and now we will be sharing a list of five of these, take a look:   

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

The whole point of having a good page speed is to achieve a high position on Google’s rank, what a better idea to to improve your site’s performance with a Google tool? 

Google PageSpeed insights gives the users a very good analysis, including suggestions and tips to improve their websites. 

2. Stage Analyzer

Stage Analyzer is dedicated to analyze SEO elements and errors, image problems and other issues your page may have. Also, Stage Analyzer will recommend you the best operations to get a higher position than the competition.

3. Pingdom

With Pingdom the user has the possibility to track everything about the website’s performance. 

It is very similar to all the other tools we have previously mentioned, but with a visual system that quickly identifies the principal issues.

4. Varvy PageSpeed Optimization

Accessing Varvy PageSpeed Optimization is like having a class, the tool will literally teach you all the elements that are making your webpage doesn’t have a good performance and explain how you can solve these problems.

5. YSlow

Unlike all the other tools on this list, YSlow is actually an open source browser extension available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others.

With YSlow it is possible to have immediate analysis of little change to the code when the focus is to improve its performance.

We’ve demonstrated how important it is to have a good page speed, not only because you will create a good user experience but also because the website will get better ranked. 

When choosing your page speed tool, pick one that will give you a good analysis and solutions and offer some SEO-focused services.

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