Coronavirus effects over the advertising ecosystem

Coronavirus effects over the advertising ecosystem

As we know, the new coronavirus is affecting all the world, and clearly, nothing could be different in the advertising bussiness. But do not worry, in this article we are going to talk a little bit more about this crisis and how we can, together, win this battle! 

To really know how the coronavirus is affecting the world and the advertising ecosystem as well, first first to understand everything since the begining. So, let’s start!

What is the coronavirus and how it is affecting the world?

As probably you already know, the coronavirus is a virus that first started at Wuhan, China. This virus first was manifested just in animals, and the first sick person was probably infected by a bat, but we don’t know for sure.

Known as COVID-19, this variation of the virus have some “sister diseases”, as the MERS and the SARS. But different from these diseases, many people who are infected by the COVID-19 will not show any serious symptom. That is the biggest problem.

This people that do not know that are infected by the COVID-19 will infect others and others without even know it. And when the govern tries to stop this epidemy things get even harder, because many people are not respecting the preventine measures, like quarantine.

And how can you discover who is infected by COVID-19 if they do not show sympthoms? It is impossible to test all the population, so, unfortunately, these infected people will keep spreading the disease.

It is why the best solution is to follow the prevent measures, adopting the social isolation, staying at home as much as you can, avoiding unnecessary contacts. Obviously, this protection measure impacted all the world, in every single aspec, things could not be different with the advertising world!

And how it can affect the advertising ecosystem?

As every single thing in our life, the advertising world was affected a lot by the new COVID-19. As the numbers of infected people keep growing up, people are staying more and more at home.

In practicle, we are facing one of the biggest problems in the global economy, but in the other hand, the people are spending more time on internet, seeking for publicities and shopping online. 

Numbers showed that we as publishers are facing a different target, because people are spending more time online, then news ideas and points of view are coming together.

To keep on top, make sure you are looking for updated information as a publisher. Now we can say that the future is uncertainly, it is important to move to flexible channels, where you can find a new public in a possible cheaper way.

Always remember that this is a different moment, this generation have never faced something like this. So, make your projects thinking in your future, things that you want to achieve and improve.

Seize the new opportunities that will possible come. The global economy is not in its best moment, many things are going to change as well. So, it is going to be a new time for everybody.


Reading this article and with everything we already know, we can conclude that even studying and being prepared for the advertising new world, the most important thing now its our health.

Focus on our business but, it is also important to take of ourselves and our families, If everybody does their own, this crisis will pass, and things will go back to normal.

Stay home, obviously, keeping careful about the opportunities that probably will arise in your business life. Try to figure out what your target are looking for in this quarantine and talk their language.

To end, it is important to remember that this moment can also bring some good opportunities for who works with online adverstising, so we should focus on it.

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