The difference between publishers and advertisers

The difference between publishers and advertisers

Do you still have some struggling to understand the difference between publishers and advertisers? Don’t you worry! That’s a very common question. In today’s article we will solve this mystery.

We’ve been showing on this blog that digital marketing is a territory full of knowledge and today’s article won’t be different.

It is important to understand everyone’s function in this digital world, which roles people/companies are playing.

So, let’s get to business, it is time to solve your doubts about publishers and advertisers.

Ad networks are always asking for you to register as publisher or as an advertiser, but to pick one of them, it is necessary to understand what they mean first.

Who is the advertiser?

The definition is actually very simple, is someone who wants to sell a product or a service and needs some online space to do it. Then, an advertiser pays some money to have their ads shown on websites, and it can be shown in many kinds of ads sizes. Here you can check Grumft’s ads formats.

We can’t define advertisers only as a person, it can be small groups to big companies, but their goal is always the same: sell products or services through online ads.

Who is the publisher?

Now that you are aware of what the definition of an advertiser is, it is time to finally understand what a publisher is and what role they are playing in this market.

Once advertisers are paying to have their ads shown on some sites, a publisher is someone that display ads on their digital space (it also can be a person or a company). Their job is to make a connection between someone who will possibly want to buy the product or the service with the advertisers who are selling it.

They do all this job using CPC or CPA.

Anyone who owns a site can become a publisher. If you want to learn more about that, click here and discover how to become a publisher.

Publishers x Adverstiers

The secret is that both of these groups have to work together to be successful and get good results for all.

Once the advertisers make money by the number of contacts their audience have (views, downloads and clicks) they need somewhere to have these clicks, so, they need the publishers because they are those ones who own the websites, who will display offers to their audience.

Publishers will help the advertisers to set the best bids, attracting the best qualified traffic while the goal is to deliver a 100% fill rate with ads for the publishers.

Another good point we have to mention is that the advertisers will make money by ROI and by selling their products, and the publishers will earn money by publishing the advertisement.

Let’s end this article with a sentence that will stay in your head every time someone asks about the publisher and advertiser: “The advertiser is the one who pays to get his ads shown, the publisher is someone who gets the money for showing the ads on his own website.”

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