Display Advertising; find out 4 myths about it

Display Advertising; find out 4 myths about it

Sometimes we don’t know how myths started, that is exactly the case when we are talking about display advertising. For some unknown reason, these ads have some unfair beliefs.

What is display advertising? 

To make a long story short, display advertising is the online ads, back in the old internet days, display advertising were only banner in a leaderboard format, right in the top of a website, with some hyperlink that would take the user to the product’s website. 

As people started to get more knowledge about this theme, the banners started to have many other sizes and formats, including videos and other kinf of technologies, and that is how it is today.   

4 Myths about display ads

Now that you are aware of what is display advertising, it is time to demystify some of the the beliefs these ads carry with them.    

We all know that Internet is a crazy world, where literally anyone can come up with some fake news, and display ads are an example of that. For this reason, there are uncountable lies people have been telling all those years. 

To help you with that and understand what is true and what is fake, we’ve decided to cite 4 of these beliefs and explain why it isn’t true, take a look: 

1. “It is not worthy investing on it because paid traffic is not worthy anyway”.  

Lie! If you don’t invest on paid traffic you are losing the opportunity to to reach the channels your target is on, when your competitor company is probably already there. So, your lost.

We can compare it to having an Instagram or Facebook page, if you don’t disseminate it, nobody will never get to know.     

Keep in mind that your brand is on internet, online to everybody, and that is great, but many other competitors are online too, you are not alone. If you focus to invest some time and many on sponsored links and paid media, you will stand out. 

2. There is no need to target campaigns

Not true at all, do you know why? It is just impossible to pleasure all the markets You must track which kind of people you want to attract to the ads, it is better to do it and be sure that you are reaching the right users than try to reach all of the internet, because some of them just aren’t interested in your product. 

Doing it, you will also waste some money, it is an unnecessary cost. 

3. It is too expensive at all

Some people say that you have to pay to much for something that is not an effective cost, well, here is other lie about it! Whoever said that is not updated about the news. The truth about it, actually is that the advertising ads are a very economical opportunity. 

Why? Because they reach the right user, at the right time and you don’t spend to much money on it. 

4. You can’t measure the results in an exactly way

This is so fake, because nowadays there are several tools that allows us to track the ads campaigns results, with really useful and well explained dashboards.

Having access to these datas, it is easy to get adjusted about your strategy and achieve the right users.  

Now that you know all these fake news about online ads, it is time to start to invest on it. If you have a website for your brand, and how to be successful by doing it. What we can guarantee for you: it is not ineffective, it is not expensive and you will  reach the wrong audience. What are you waiting to invest on it? 

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