Facebook campaigns; all about the metrics 

Facebook campaigns

If you are considering to follow some metrics on your Facebook brand’s page, you are in the right place. In this article we will list some of the best and solve some doubts about it.

The whole world already knows how Facebook is pretty important when we are talking about social media of course that when Instagram came out, our old Facebook is not what it used to be, but still a massive social media. 

But, let’s be honest here, Facebook gives us a lot of data, with this old social media we can get many results, like your post’s performance, learn everything about your audience and track so many other campaign options. 

Why using it?

Your brand can possibility have some trouble on getting truly effective results on Facebook using organic campaigns, then, you will have to pay for a spend behind to make your campaign achieve a better results, but things have change (and this is only because of Facebook algorithms)  

In the old times, organic metrics and your likes and engagement were all that really mattered, in this new world, it is all about the best metric and how to use it.

Everything you have to know is how to deal with your paid ad boosted post spend. 

The most important metrics

Now that you are familiarized with the Facebook metrics, let’s start with what really matters, what are the most important Facebook metrics and why all the brands should be tracking them? 

Keep reading the article and you will discover everything about the metrics, here it is:


It is the number of times your Facebook post (or ad) has been seen-paid or organic content. 

The impressions are so important because they will identify the performance of your post. 

With the impressions you will have an idea of the nature of the post, for example, if someone is seeing the post twice on their feed, it means two impressions for you, for the same post. 


The number of times someone is clicking a link, sharing your post or making a comment; everytime someone made some kind of action on your post is measuring the number of engagement. 

Engagement is also very important because it will give you the answer if people are really enjoying the content you’ve been sharing and it may give your brand’s posts more exposure. 

Facebook Referral Traffic 

The number of visitors your website is getting from Facebook, including people that are sharing your articles content. This one is very important if you have a blog for your brand. 

Facebook Referral Traffic is so important because if you realize it is declining and you have no idea why, it is probably because your audience is not enjoying the articles you are doing and the content you are sharing. 


The number of time Facebook users made what you asked them to do, like signing up for a news letter or something like this. 

Getting a good number of conversions must be a goal for you, because it means people are really interested in your brand’s content. 

If you have a big number of it, it means your Facebook campaign is a success. 

Page likes

It is the number of people that are following your brand on Facebook, these users like your content so much that they want it to appear on their feed, they may be fan of yours and should pay more attention on them.  

Today we made a list of our top 6 but, ff course, there are many other metrics really important on Facebook, that will also help you to get good results with your brand. 

If you are not using Facebook metrics, it is possible that you are wasting money and time, so, you should really consider it.

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