5 reasons why you should be using Google Analytics

5 reasons why you should be using Google Analytics

If you ended up here in this article is probably because you are considering starting to use Google Analytics. Yes, this is a good decision. Keep reading and find out five reasons why that is a great idea for your business. 

Google Analytics is surely the most popular digital analytics software and everybody is aware of that. If you have a website, you must use this tool. End of story, there is no discussion about.

Every site owner needs to understand the importance of this so revolutionary tool, and why this can help them so much. With a lot of technology, the platform allows you to understand your customers and the people who are always visiting your website, whether you have a blog, a newspaper or an e-commerce site. 

Here is a list with five reasons why Google Analytics is so important for you online business: 

1. Is possible to track how the users found your website

There is a section on Google Analytics, called Acquisition,  where you will find out this kind of information, having the chance to find out where are the visitors coming from, how they found, how many users land on your site after seeing a link to a search result (this is very important for publishers, because is a organic result), how many of them found you on social media, paid ads, and other kind of channels are all shown in section of the platform. 

2. Be aware of your users preferences, segmenting the customer base

The platform has the power to classify the customer based on some analyzed factors. The users have always different reactions to the websites, with Google Analytics it is possible to create different segments for them based on the niches of customers GA will inform you about, targeting specific the charticetis of this particular users.

3. Track what users most enjoy on your website

It is important to make people access your website, but most important is to make them like it, making them always wanting to come back. 

Thanks to Google Analytics, in the section Behavior of the tool, you can find out the information you need about that, including which pages people most click, how long they spend and other important information.

With that, you will identify which pages are the most popular, knowing that, is easy to create good content for these kinds of pages.

4. Understand the kind of content that makes most successful 

Creating good and interesting content is always a good idea to achieve success with your business. But who can you know what kind of content your audience is looking for? Google Analytics shows that to you. 

The tool tracks what kind of content is reading to a larger audience, with more social shares on the media. 

Knowing that kind of information, is easy to know what you should be posting about. Remember to always be updated with the information you are sharing. 

5. Is free and easy

The budget may not be the highest -specially in this so chaotic year-. Google Analytics is 100% free, The platform will never charge you anything for using it. Giving you the possibility to invest money in some other important resources.

Besides that, it is very easy to figure out how to use the tool, a very intuitive software, so you will probably not have a hard time. 

After these five reasons, it is impossible to think about just one reason you should not use Google Analytics.

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