Learn how to deal with marketing in hard times 

marketing in hard times

Uncertain times are here. Coronavirus came and left we all without answers and no future prospects. Where does marketing stand in this picture? Find out in today’s article. 

The focus now is to take care of our self and the ones we most love, we are all trying to stay home as much as you can and make our possible to stay health, and it is impossible to deny that things changed in each category of market, all business need a little help right now. 

When we are talking about marketing, it couldn’t be any different, we have to get adapted and pay attention at some important points. 

1. Don’t panic!

It is hard to ask that, but we mean it. Economy numbers are terrible and unbelievable all around the world, so, we are all in the same boat. But the tip is to look to the future, this pandemic won’t less forever and the world will not end.  

We have examples from past crisis where the economy recovered after hard times, and we must believe that it will be like that this time too.

While corona still making us stay home, adapt yourself and your company, in a moment of panic you may want to stop all your marketing actives, but don’t do it. Sit and think about a strategy, there ain’t a formula (at least no one has discovered it yet) to that, but you know your business better than anyone.  

2. Have an entrepreneurial spirit, but don’t be opportunistic

Marketing workers must never be opportunistic in a crisis moment. Make sure of what is trendy, what the users most need right now in each different segment (any kind of brand has a different answer for these questions).

The secret is to be careful about the way you are dealing with the services. 

3. Marketing needs to be as empathetic as it can right now

Population routine changed and it is time to think about that. What your company/brand can do about it? How can it help people? What your clients need right now? Change your strategies, times are different now.  

Put your team to work and think about creative approach techniques to create a personalized and good engagement, creating a good connection between the brand and the client.  

4. Your main challenges will be

To Engage new clients in real time,  create innovation and unify customer data source, these 3 must be  your priorities at this very moment. 

5. Online marketing will do better right now

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, “Online marketing provides many more opportunities for firms to target their marketing, however. No matter what you make, you can use online marketing for brand recognition. Only the largest firms are likely to pay for television ads for products that potential customers can’t possibly buy. It is much easier to design online marketing campaigns focusing on the early stages of the purchasing pyramid”. That is something to pay attention at!  

After all these 5 topics, what must be on your mind is that it is time to adapt to this hard  situation and think about the future, because nothing lasts forever, not even coronavirus 

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