Page speed: what is the importance of it

Page speed: what is the importance of it

If you are still struggling to understand the importance of page speed, this article was made for you. Keep reading and all your questions will be answered. 

The definition of page speed

Let’s start from the beginning, to understand why the page speed matters first is necessary to understand the definition of it.

Many of us have the tendency to confuse page speed  with “site speed”, that is the page speed for a case of page views on some site. On the other hand, page speed is defined by how long  it takes for a page’s content to fully load, therefore, we can also call it as “page load time”. 

There are two kinds of page speed, the one we have cited at the previous paragraph, and the second one which is called “time to first byte”, as the name already explains for it self, it is the definition of how long it takes for a browser to receive the first byte of information from server.  

A page speed is determined based on many factors, like page filesize, images and site’s server. 

To measure a page’s peed, Google uses Page Speed Insights, Lighthouse and Chrome User Experience Tools. According to Moz, in this article,Google might be specifically calculating time to first byte as when it considers page speed.

The importance of page speed

Since 2010, Google has been saying that page speed would be a ranking factor, which means that you need to improve yours to have a good position with Google.

Let’s also think about it from an user perspective, it is very important to access a page with a faster speed, way more efficiently.

Ways to increase your page speed

The page speed can get affected by several factors that you are probably not even aware of, right now we will be sharing 4 tips to improve that. 

Optimize images

It is hard to find images that are not too heavy for a website, many times they are guilted for making your website load slow. 

There are many tools that can help with that, making it easy to optimize the pictures, or use an image compressor.

Improve server response time

This is affected by the amount of traffic your website is receiving. To improve it, look for performance bottlenecks.

Pick a quality hosting

This is a very important point, the web hosting determines how fast (or slow) the website will load. If you pick a shared hosting, many other sites will be loading at the same time as yours. 

When choosing a hosting, pay attention to these 3 points: speed, uptime, and server location. 

Implement a CDN 

CDN definition is: content delivery network, it is an easy way to boost the speed of your page. This tool works like this: it figures out where the users are geographically located, then serving your site’s resources from a server close to them. It is a good way to attract international visitors. 

As we can see, page speed has a massive importance for the website owners, and now that you are aware of it it is time to improve it. 

Raising your page speed will only bring you many benefits, like raking in the SERPS, higher conversion rates and creating a better experience for the users.

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