7 ways to increase traffic to your site 

7 ways to increase traffic to your site

The sites owners are always looking for more customers, consequently, looking for more traffic to their sites. The one million dollar question is: How can we do that? Keep reading this article and you will find out seven tips.

We’ve already shown in this article here the importance of finding out about invalid traffic on your site and what you can do to stop it.

Now is time to learn about real traffic, from human beings, and find out how to increase this number. Take a look on our seven suggestions:

1. Advertise 

Let’s start with the one of the most importants:

  • Paid search
  • Social media advertising
  • Display advertising.

These 3 are very good ways to attract visitors and generate more and more traffic for your site. 

If your site has good content and a beautiful design it needs to be showed for the users. 

In this article, from IAB UK we can see that in 2015 people spent 13,4% more than in 2014 with digital ads, because they really see this as a way to increase traffic. 

Always remember that the way you target your ads will affect how much you are willing to invest.

2. Post on social media as much as possible

What is the point of creating the best contest ever if you are not posting it on the right channels? Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and other ones are free marketing tools if you use them in the right way.

You know everything about your site, therefore, you are the most capable person to know in which social network your audience is at. By sharing your site’s content, you will turn them into website visitors.

3. Don’t forget to put hashtags in your posts

Including hashtags to your posts is a good way to increase the website’s traffic, because it will grow the visibility, making you reach a bigger audience that will discover your site through the hashtags you are using.

4. E mail marketing

Sometimes it feels like people forget about this traditional method. Writing a newsletter is a great way to have some kind of contact with the customers, creating a connection with the user, increasing the traffic. 

You only have to pay attention at some points, don’t bombard people with pointless emails about which kind of thing on your site, or the customers will hate and just delete the email before even reading. Focus on writing interesting regular newsletters to promote offers and be careful about the email subject lines.

5. You need a fast site

Nobody likes to access a page and wait more than 5 second to load, sorry but it is true. If your website takes too much time to load, it will be really bad for your reputation. 

Your site needs to be technically prepared to have a great and fast speed, loading image file size and the whole structure behind.

In this article from Grumft you can learn more about this subject, including some tips about how to increase your page speed.

6. Examine the competition 

If you don’t do it, your website is at a big disadvantage. There are many softwares where you can collect the social performance of a site, you can do it and find out what people are most interested in and create this content on your blog/page.

7. Always count on Google Analytics

We can’t end this article without talking about Google Analytics, a free and useful tool, that can help you to track links for your marketing campaigns and help you to define the right strategies, showing where you need to improve. 

The website traffic is an important indicator because that is how you see how well your strategies are going, thus why this data is so important for all site owners and publishers. 

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