The benefits about programmatic advertising

The benefits about programmatic advertising

If you’re still having some doubts about why programmatic advertising is a great choice, after this article, all your doubts will be solved.

Nowadays, it is important to understand the differences between the traditional advertising and the programmatic. Because the second one is being more used day by day. 

In today’s article you will learn about this difference and many other important points about this subject. 

Programmatic media  

The traditional ad is the one we all are familiar with; newspapers, television, radios and magazines are the channels where the media will be shared after a contract, in the other hand, with programmatic media, the problems are way more simple. 

This is because the advertiser can find everything about his public trough some platforms created to do it, without any complicated kind of contract, and suddenly, this brand will know information about its audience.

The publisher and find it all in his dashboard, all the information he needs will be right there, including important points about the target and the announcements the brand is creating.  

Just with this little information we can already notice that programmatic adverting is less complicated than the traditional one, right? In other words, the tool is responsible for doing a big part of the job.

Programmatic adverting is the automated process of buying digital media, it is something faster and more effective to the brands. 

This technology also gives the publisher the possibility to have a better vision of the advertising campaigns and all the impression about with, and the number of clicks, it is all on the publisher’s dashboard. 

All this process is automized, since the space and formats of the ads, and the buying and selling of these spaces to the websites, newspapers sites, magazines, and all kind of content websites. 

The real benefits of programmatic advertising:  

1. A better precision

Since you are making a more specific selection of your audience and who it is getting reached, the programmatic ad opens a door to create a more specific campaign to this specific audience, reaching the right public in the right way.

Doing it, you will have the conversion that you need to your brand- a more specific public will see the ads.   

2. Increased your audience reach

Once something is online, the potential audience is huge, and it is possible to reach many people all around the world. 

The internet and the fact that you are creating online campaigns will possible achieve more people than the traditional advertising, but, spend less money. After all, this is a great choice for the brands. 

3. A good tracking process

With programmatic advertising, all the tracking process happens on real time, the company who is announcing can check all the campaign results, having the possibility to make some adjustments if something is not going as the way it was expected. 

Then, it is possible to redirect theirs announcements, reaching the searched result.  

4. Efficiency 

With all these topics, we can get in the conclusion that the programmatic advertising is really efficient. 

The technology is a partner of the brand on this, because it gives the brand the possibility to invest less time and less money on something, but at the same time, a good result will be achieved 

5. A better scalability 

Once the traditional advertising the process was all manual, programmatic adverting can impact several websites at the same time, with the same efficiencies. 

This is because the clients’ information are tracked.  

After all these informations, it is hard to not consider investing on programmatic adverting, right?

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