Why do we need ad tags? 

Why do we need ad tags?

More than ever, ad tags emulate an important part on digital industry, specially when we are talking about the process of monetization of an website. If you want to find out more about ad tags, keep reading our today’s article. 

The definition of ad tags

Like it was previously mentioned here, the definition is: “The formal and known definition is: a piece of code that necessarily needs to be inserted along with the HTML of an online page, where the ad must be showed. This code determines the space where the ad will be displayed and the size of it.” 

In our same article, we also mentioned for what the ad tags are used to by each function:

  1. Publishers: they use tags to show that their inventory is available for sailing.
  2. Advertisers: they see tags with the function of sending these ads to sand criatives.
  3. Ad servers:  by them, the tags are used to move ad calls to the following step of the inventory. 

Types of ad tags

There are two kinds of tags, Synchronous ad tags and Asynchronous ad tags, the first one load the ad in a sequential way, along with the other page’s elements while the second one authorize the publisher to separately load the page’s elements. 

To make a long story short, the Asynchronous ad tags always the favorites by the publishers, because these ones give then a faster and better load time page. 

After all, why do we need ad tags?

They are totally crucial in the media trading process, in the majority of the steps. Therefore, the utilization of creative tags help the publishers to make a high and well earned website monetization, that will also increase their rewards. 

On the other hand, the use of creative tags create an ideal opportunity to the advertisers, starting precisely targeted display ads campaigns.

Here are four reasons why it is important to invest on ad tags: 

  1. It is your chance to gather essential information about the users, creating the possibility to target them in different segmentations.
  2. It is possible to adjust your strategy, because now you have the possibility to rotate the content in the way you want to. If you notice that the past strategy isn’t working, it is easy and quick to change it. 
  3. The optimizations can be made from the ad server.
  4. Follow the numbers/metrics of engagement.

If you came to the end of this article it is probably because you are in the digital advertising space, therefore, now you are aware of the importance on using ad tags. 

In case you want to learn more about ad tags, check out our article, here, called “ Everything you should know about ad tags”, where you will find more information about this topic, including a step by step showing how to generate ad tags.   

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