Brand marketing through coronavirus

brand marketing coronavirus

What moves can the brands take to deal with this terrible coronavirus crisis put we all trough? Find out in today’s article. 

Everything has changed; for the best, for the worst? We don’t know yet, but what we do know for sure is: people’s online behavior have been changing since the quarantine started, customers have returned to broadcast TV, the olds and famous newspapers have never been so read (because people are looking for reliable news). 

Besides that, we’ve never seen so many live concerts on internet, users are spending much more time on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the newest one, TikTok. Also, with the home office and the distance from family and friends, video calls never been  

Thinking about all this change behavior and the new ways people are finding to interact with themselves, where does the brand marketing stand? Find out now! 

1.  Be there to your clients at this hard moment

Everybody is going trough hard times, people are feeling unsafe and sometimes unprotected. So, be a brand that shows how important the client is. Don’t deny the crises and keep things the same way as it was before, just assume: Hey, we are the brand (name of your brand) and we promise it will pass, let’s just deal with that together.

 This is the kind of message you have to spread, your costumers need to now you are there for them, specially in hard times.

2. Get adapted to the new ways

Everybody still has to stay connected in your company, even with the home office. So, get used to it and find some ways to make this connection lasts even better than with fiscally contact. (Trust us, that is possible). 

It is impressive how the companies are trying their best to remodel all the way and keep the productive on top. 

Many calls, remote contacts, and even online happy hours are happening right now, it is important to really get adjusted to all of it, because nobody knows how long is going to take to go back to “normal”. 

3. Make sure your brand is on the right side (the good one)

The way people are dealing with coronavirus will be remembered, with the brands, it is exactly the same situation.  Generosity and charity are valued actions in these times. For example, many companies are donating food for needy institutions, others are sewing masks and giving them for free. People enjoy seeing brands they like getting involved in any kind of good act, something that will help people. 

Doing something like that, your company is making the world better (even if it is just a bit) and also making sure it will be remembered by everyone.  

4. It is time to use online marketing and online media

This is the last item, but not less important. Everything is online now, so, create online  strategies! 

Use the media and the adverting you are creating in better ways, just like Nike “Play inside, play for the world”, it was a good way to: get the brand associate with the good and also trying to make people stay home as much as possible. 

To make a long story short, it is time to think about strategies that will bring you good online results . 

We don’t know how long these changes will stay in our world. Some of them may last forever when we are talking about people’s online behavior. In this meanwhile, make sure your brand is using the marketing in the right way. 

For now, stay home and stay safe.  Things will get better. 

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