Fill Rate on advertising media; learn about it 

Fill Rate on advertising media; learn about it 

If you want to track your brand or website results, you probably have already heard about fill rate. In today’s article, we will give you a better understanding about how it operates. 

If you are monetizing a website by using an advertising network, it is important to understand that fill rate is a way to find out your rate’s return, and that is exactly what we are going to point in this article. 

Fill rate, how it works?

 It is very simple; it is the percentage of the fill of advertising an ad network delivers to a website. 

Here is an example to make you understand it better, if your website receives 2000 page impressions, with a total number of 1800 adverts were served per 1,000 impressions, your fill rate would be 90%. The full number of add opportunities is the fill rate.

The calculation of the fill rate is Ads served/ total add opportunities.  

To make a long story short, fill rate is the fill of the number (in percentage) your website will have according to the delivery of the publicity.

Fill rate in your business

There are some factor hat can change your website’s fill rate, some of them are possible to handle and control, but others are not in our power, they are call the outside factors, and in that list is included the location of traffic, because the publishers can get a  receive from an specific country, but if there is no targeting prospect from this country, your ad won’t served and it won’t make into the fill rate percentage number. 

The United States and England are in the top as most popular countries publishers target.

However, how can I rise my website’s fill rate? 

It must be on your mind: the first step you have to do is choose a good advertising network, with a great reputation, with a big connection of publishers. 

A fill rate from 25% to 50% is very low, and you will have trouble when monetizing it, you will end up receiving the advertiser with a really low fill rate. 

How does Grumft works with fill rate? 

It is important to mention that we deliver fill rate in each one of our formats. 

In Display Format, it the number would be 100%, when we are talking about Sticky format (FE), it is also 100%, and, the last one is our video format, the number is about 60% of fill rate, currently. 

Now that you are aware of all this massive important informations, it is finally time to think about how important it is to monitor your fill rate, because when using in the right way, it will surly helps your website and only bring benefits. 

Contact Grumft, we are all opened to help you with your website’s fill rate.

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