Find out the benefits on blogging for your business 


If you are reading this article you have probably asked yourself “Does my business need a blog”? This is a very usual question, many companies and small businesses have some doubts about this topic. The answer is yes, and we will explain you everything about blogs and its importance for your business. 

You will find in this article: 

  • The importance on having a blog for your business; 
  • Tips to create a good blog.

First things first: before we teach you how to do it, you have to understand the importance on doing it. Take a look at this: 

A blog is an easy way to manager content: 

There are many tools and softwares to create blogs, the idea is to make the whole process easier. Posting and
editing an article became a very simple function, you don’t need to be an specialist in technology.

Most of the people who writes for blogs don’t have any experience on web design, you can do it too.

You will increase your SEO/SERP:

Every company is looking for new clients, and when you create a blog it is way easier to find your business website. Think like this: more people are accessing your page, the bigger is your chance to show them good content and make them interesting on buying it.  

Blogs will help you to increase your brand’s positioning:

People are always looking for answers to their questions in internet, that is a fact. So, imagina a post in a blog of your company, if it is a good content (one people are looking for), they will remember your site, and, consequently, your brand. 

Once the reader finds good and interesting texts in your article, they will recognize it as a good and confident source of information.

The content in blog are easily to be consumed

The posts in blogs are basically text, it doesn’t have the need of a good internet and it can be read in the subway, for example.  

It is the best way to create content for multiple platforms: 

You can use the content created in the website for many platforms, it is like you are using the same post in different strategies (the multiple platforms). 

The example is: make a “call to action” of the post you have written to your business blog  in your social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. 


How to create a successful blog 

Once it is understood the importance of having a blog in your business, it is time so start creating one. We have selected some good tips for you:

Know your public well 

Think about for who are your writing it. It might seem like a cliche, but it is a fact and you have to understand it. The first thing you need to do before start writing an article is: for who am I writing it? 

If you are not writing the right thing for the right public, it becomes pointless. 

Choose your keywords:

Use terms related to your website and your brand. There are some tools to help you with that, Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool are some examples you can use. 

Be objective: 

When writing the article keep in your mind: this is what I wanna tell the audition of my blog, and follow that line. 

Put images on your article:

The readers will find the text more friendly, making them stay more time in your website.  

Make posts without an expiration date: 

Excepting posts that are supposed to be posted on a special day, you have to focus on posting evergreen contents because it will create good and permanent results for your blog. 

When it comes to business, having a blog it is definitely an important tool in the market. We have given you some reasons why and some tips about this topic, bu there are many others points that can be quoted about this. 

Just keep in your mind: creating a blog for your business will surely be good to it. And don’t forget to keep it always updated. 


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