Learn how to implement the ads.txt file

Ads.txt implement

Find out how is easy to  implement the ads.txt on your website and know why it is so necessary for your domain.

The ads.txt is a simple file, but it’s so important for all who work daily with the programmatic media.

Find out how to create and the importance of this text file is for all publishers and advertisers. –  Learn the importance of ads.txt code for your business

Due the value that these data have to all publishers, in this article we will show you how to implement this code in your root domain.

Many people who work daily with sites and programmatic media are still forgetting to add the ads.txt, sometimes for lack of information, because they think it’s something difficult to do , or it can reduce the demand for them inventory.

Explaining briefly, the ads.txt is quick and easy implementation and answering about the demand, the file doesn’t remove any real inventory, it just take off all fake inventories, which only brings economic losses. So do not worry about negative results, contrariwise, it is essential if you want to bring security to your domain. 

How to implement ads.txt

After understand about the text file so request by programmatics advertising offices, let’s implementation:


  1. Make download of the file  that was sent to you;
  2. Copy the informations that is in this file;
  3. Go to the monetization settings part on your site (the location of this can vary according to the platform used);
  4. Enable the ads.txt;
  5. Paste the informations which were copied before, on the place who are intended for this purpose on the platform;
  6. Save your changes.

“The ads.txt document should be added to the root domain and not to the subdomains”

After done it, you need to wait about 24 hours for the system to process the changes. Done, your site is already secure of all fakes inventories and can be found in “yourdomain.com/ads.txt” 

If you still doesn’t implemented run and ask for your Grumft account manager our ads.txt file, if you aren’t our partner, do it and get all the benefits that only we offer. Sign up on our site , it’s easy.

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