Suggestions to grow Ad revenue during Covid-19

Suggestions to grow Ad revenue during Covid-19

Finally we are finishing this year that seemed like it wouldn’t have an ending. With so many bad things that happened this year, publishers had their CPMs also affected. Do you want to know tips to grow your Ad revenue during Covid-19? Keep reading today’s article. 

In 2020 many publishers have watched a spike of traffic that they couldn’t turn into revenue, which made people get really worried about their earrings with revenue during this year. So far, the recovery has been slow.  

Digiday says here that “88% publishers wouldn’t meet their annual business goals”. 

But that doesn’t mean that all the hopes are lost. The year was certainly tough, but we can always learn something from the bad.  

Right now we will be sharing three tips to grow your ad revenue and ways to minimize the impact of it all during the pandemic of coronavirus.  

1. Reconsider the price floors

Users are spending more time online, but doesn’t mean that the impressions had a higher number of value to advertisers, it actually lost their value. Don’t miss the opportunity to reconsider your price floor, making sure you are not wasting some potential revenue. 

If your CPM is on your floors, there is a big chance that you are wasting some opportunities.  

2. Improve demand base

It is very important to always work on the inveontry. Go after the quality of demand, it is better to do it than go after the quantity of demand. 

If you find out that it isn’t possible to access a new quality demand by yourself, consider reaching out to demand management companies.  

3. Use video advertising

People are spending more time locked down at home, therefore, they are spending more time watching netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services.  

What can you do? Consumers are more interested in videos now than ever before. Publishers, pay attention to this: it is your time to start getting lucrative with video advertising and the ones with editorial content can get some help from outstream video advertising.  

4. Pay attention to your ad layout

Actually, if necessary, rethink all the advertising layout. Increasing the viewability of your ads is one of the easiest ways to increase your CPM. 

Those ads closer to the top of the pages are the ones with the best potential to increase viewability, especially when using mobile devices. 

5. Remember to pick the right categories 

We are seeing companies cutting their advertising budgets, but we are seeing that the streaming services and games development companies are investing in advertising way more than before.

What changed? The behavior of the users, that are not increasing traffic with tourist, shopping centers anymore. Now people are into sport, fitness at home and other things that the quarine brought to this new world. 

Publishers, it is time to make some changes in the ad category and niches you are allowing on your websites.

After these 5 tips, it is time to put on some work and minimize the impact of coronavirus in your business. Don’t worry, 2021 will be better.

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