What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP)? 

What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP)?

Nowadays there are many ways to announcement online ads. Demand-Side platforms are a very important tool in this business. Learn everything about it in today’s article. 

In the past, online advertising used to be negotiated between real people and a brand’s agent, as technology and internet became more modern, this negotiation doesn’t need to be done between people any longer, and that is exactly the Demand-Side platform function is.

Keep reading the article and discover everything about the platform. 

What, exactly, is a Demand-Side Platform?  

It is a software created to brands, to help them to buy space advertising online, like banners, videos, and others. 

To make a long story short, advertisers needed to find a way to mange placements, something that they wouldn’t need to talk to anyone, something automatically, then, Demand-Side Platform was created to help.

How does this software work? 

There is a DSP ecosystem, which we will explain to you. 

First, an advertiser signs up, then they will see a big variety of ads spaces to buy, a truly sale of programmatic media.  

After that, it its DSP job to select which kind of ad is better to which kind of advertiser, with that, it is possible to choose the exactly type of ad a company is looking for and what public will get impacted with the campaign. 

It is always a real-time bidding auction together with other advertisers.

About mobile DSP

Some ad formats work good on both mobile and desktop, because of that, most DSP’s can handle mobile and desktop inventory. 

The difference between DSP and SSP?

The different is that each one of them make a connection with different part of the programmatic ecosystem. 

DSP: is for the advertisers, where they will see the space of ad buying. 

SSP: is for the publishers, where they make a connection between their inventory to ad exchanges. 

Demand-Side Platforms advantages

This software made the programmatic media market even more intelligent, and there are many good points in making this process automatic. 

To the clients, makes them save a lot of time and, more important: it is possible to track the public they want to share the campaign, racing the right target in the right way. 

The ads can be done in different displays, like banners, social and videos. To the publishers, the good thing about this software is the monetization of the inventory. 

To end this text, what you have to remember about all of these points previously mentioned is:

Demand-Side Platforms is the best way to reach a target, and it is also possible to control the reach of the ads, tracking its results and  always optimizing the buy and sale of an ad. And that is why is so trendy right now. 

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