SEO; Learn five ways to improve it

SEO: Learn five ways to improve it

If you ended up here it is probably because you’re looking for a way to improve your search engine optimization (SEO), right? If the answer is yes, today is your lucky day. Keep reading the article because we will give you five suggestions of how to do it. 

We understand the frustration a publisher feels when a page is not ranking where we want them to be. But there are some ways to fix it and that is exactly what we are going to teach you in this text. There are some strategies and some of them don’t require too much effort. 

In today’s post, we will share five of them. Check it out:  

1. How fast is your page loading speed? 

The page loading is very important for 3 basic reasons. 

If the load speed is too slow, Google will notice it and put your website in a very low place in the rank, then, your website won’t be seen by too many people and the ones who are accessing it will have a very bad experience, you will create negative interactions and that will be very bad for your ranking too. 

In this article from Grumf, you can learn how to improve your page speed and in this one we share with you what is the importance of SEO.  

2. Good and updated content is important

Our second tip is basic, but it is necessary to mention because it is very important for any kind of website. 

If you don’t produce a very high and quality content your SEO is not ranking in a good position. 

Imagine like this: what makes a user want to come back to my page? The content I am producing, of course. If it is any good, the visitors will always want to come back for more and more. 

The content must be good, relevant and updated. In other words, it is time to produce good things for your audience. If you place them with some exciting stuff, it is the key for success.  

3. Fix all broken backlinks from your website 

Sometimes it can happen, it usually occurs because you deleted a page that has some blacklinks or the link site made some mistake when it was supposed to link to you.

If you’ve got broken pages on your website you are losing referral traffic. 

Therefore, there is a tool to fix it. It is called  AHREFS and find out everything about it. 

4. Pay attention to the format and the design of your page

When designing your website, be very careful when choosing a layout, remember that must be something great, clear and organized. 

Make a design that has everything to do with your website, content, images and audience. Don’t exaggerate things! Some websites with too many images, colors and ads can get a very bad ranking with Google. 

If you make a well organized and clean format, it is the chance to improve your SEO ranking.  

5. Optimize the images

The last but not least important thing, your website must have images! Pictures are actually a great thing on a page. 

Therefore, pay attention to their opmitizanion, it must be very good to improve your SEO ranking. 

File, format and size are the most important factors, the key is to resize or compress all of them.  

That was our suggestion to improve your SEO , but, of course, there are many other ones you can find online. 

Like we previously mentioned, improving SEO requires some strategies, find the ones that fit better for your website and watch the SEO gets higher. 

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