9 holiday tips for Grumft’s publishers (2023)

9 holiday tips for Grumft’s publishers (2023)

Finally this tough year is coming to an end, and we are welcoming the Holiday Season! To cheer you up these last days of 2022, we’ve decided to share some tips with our publishers. Keep reading today’s article and find out ten of them. 

Let’s try to be optimistic in this moment. Check it out our ten tips for this special moment: 

1. Think about producing holiday content

We are all aware of how important it is to create a good and interesting content for your website. On holidays the rules are still the same, it is time to be creative and produce specific holiday content. 

Remember to use keywords research, because holidays topics can get really competitive at this time of the year.  

Afterall, the most important holiday in the world usually brings publishers good results. Bet on good content for your website.  

2. Focus on promotions

Creating a special content is only half of the way done. It’s very important to promote it, otherwise it won’t be shown for the users. 

It is important to create holiday specific ads, optimizing your ad inventory and you will have a higher chance of conversion. 

3. The user must have a good experience

Ok, you have good content and good ads, but the job isn’t all done yet. It is very important to have a good speed on your website. 

If it doesn’t work well, the users will have a bad experience and you will miss the audience, which is terrible for a publisher.  

In this article from Grumf you will learn the importance having a good page speed. 

4. Analyze the audience

It is important to understand if you need a customer data platform or a data management platform, then you will know how to manage your data.

Don’t forget to define all the metrics and factors based on your audience, like traffic, geography, source and others and don’t forget that Google Analytics can always help you with that. Learn more about here in this Grumft’s article.  

5. Local content 

Of that, right now is the best time to check out what is trending in your region, creating content based on that area. Google’s algorithm will help you to increase traffic for your website.  

6. Focus on direct deals

Why? Because then you will have more control over the inventory.

7. Check what you were doing with your website last year

There are many Google’s tools to help you with that, and there is nothing wrong with checking out what you did right last year.

Analy which kind of content had more access and which pages of your website had more traffic. 

8. Make sure you are choosing the right ads formats 

Always remember to use ad formats that have a good ad viewability, otherwise the users will not stay too long on your website. 

Check it out here everything about Grumft’s ads formats, we will be very happy to help you.  

9. Pay attention to your ad layout 

Actually, if necessary, rethink all the advertising layout. Increasing the viewability of your ads is one of the easiest ways to increase your CPM. 

Those ads closer to the top of the pages are the ones with the best potential to increase viewability, especially when using mobile devices. 

Well, publishers, we have a lot of work to do in 2021. Let’s hope that the next year will be better and with many better results. Happy Holidays for all!  

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